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All About DIY Guns

DIY guns

If you expect to hold onto your 2nd amendment rights in this state of political turmoil, you’ll need to know all about making DIY guns.

Over the past few years, our rights to bear arms have been diminishing faster than ever before. Thanks to liberal lunatics, millions and millions of Americans are now unable to own their favorite assault rifles.

Because of this (and many more gun restrictions), simple gun accessories like magazines, suppressors, barrels, and others require incredibly complex processes and make them a huge pain in the butt to buy.

Not to mention, thanks to the Las Vegas and Texas shootings, liberals have been taking every chance they can get to reduce Americans’ 2nd amendment rights.

The more the government restricts Americans’ right to bear, the more one thing becomes very, very clear to me…

In order to take back our freedoms and retain them for as long as possible, we’re going to have to make our own guns.

Feds Hate That They Can’t Seize This Gun

This can seem pretty intimidating for most folks. However, what they don’t know is making your own DIY guns is a whole lot simpler than they think. The truth is you can make your very own, working firearms in just a couple hours. And you can do it from your very own home.

The time is swiftly coming where we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. That’s why it’s crucial you learn…

All About DIY Guns

Legality and Licensing

Now before we talk about making guns, let’s get one thing straight. Many people are skeptical about the legality of making your own firearms. There also tend to be many questions about if you need a license or not to make these guns yourself.

So, just to be safe, I checked the ATF website about the issue. And here’s exactly what it said:

Does an individual need a license to make a firearm for personal use?

No, a license is not required to make a firearm solely for personal use. However, a license is required to manufacture firearms for sale or distribution. The law prohibits a person from assembling a non–sporting semiautomatic rifle or shotgun from 10 or more imported parts, as well as firearms that cannot be detected by metal detectors or x–ray machines. In addition, the making of an NFA firearm requires a tax payment and advance approval by ATF.

Keep in mind that it’s important to check your local laws before embarking on this adventure. However, if you’re lucky enough to live in a free state, you’ll find there’s nothing more satisfying than building, shooting, and carrying a firearm you made yourself.

See How To Make An Untraceable Ar-15

The Easiest Way To Build Your Own AR-15 From Home

One of the simplest ways to take back your rights and stick it to the government is to build your own untraceable assault rifle.

Using nothing but the tools in your garage, you can build a fully functional AR-15. And don’t worry – it’s legal in all 50 states (just make sure to check local laws) and is absolutely 100% invisible to government watch lists.

Most firearms require incredibly intensive processes. Heck, a good milling machine will run you tens of thousands of dollars – not to mention you’ll still need the skills it requires to run the thing effectively.

However, using just a basic $50 router, a power drill, a few common hand-tools and this DVD you can build your own AR-15 into any configuration imaginable.

Plus, since this unique firearm requires no serial number, ATF registration or background checks, you can use it while being completely invisible to the watchful eye of the government!

Seriously, it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is watch this DVD to see how to build an AR-15 from scratch and fire it at the range. Then, just follow the directions and build your own. It’s that easy.

Of course, there are more complicated and time-consuming ways to go about this process, which are shown below.

Building A DIY 1911 Pistol

With the proper tools, you can also make your very own 1911 pistol. Here are some instructions from Personal Defense World to tell you all about it:


1911, 1911s, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistols, 1911 builders, 1911 builders instructions, 1911 frame, pistol

In American firearms law, it is the receiver or frame that is the gun. When factory-made, this component carries the serial number and must be transferred through a licensed gun dealer. The barrel, slide, internal components and so forth are just fluff and may be bought and sold freely through the mail. The arbitrary cutoff between raw material and finished frame has always been 80 percent.

A 1911 frame that is four-fifths completed is tough to quantify, but if the sear and hammer pin holes are not drilled, the barrel seat not cut and the frame rails have not been machined, then the otherwise incomplete component is uncontrolled. The holes are easy enough to drill with a jig that bolts to the side of the frame and guides the drill bits. It was the rail cuts and barrel seat that previously kept the homebuilt 1911 out of reach of anyone not blessed with a $50,000 milling machine.

Cutting METAL

1911, 1911s, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistols, 1911 builders offers a kit that comes with everything you need to build your own 1911.

The limitations of language preclude my adequately describing how cool the 1911 Phantom Jig is. This is a patent-pending device that affixes to the unfinished 1911 frame and guides a manually driven carbide cutter to cut the slide rails and barrel seat precisely. First you bolt the jig in place and use it to carefully drill the two requisite holes from the side. Even the most basic drill press makes this process straightforward. The jig keeps the included bits perfectly aligned, and it may be reused countless times.

Now secure the assembly in a standard shop vise. There is a sliding shuttle that holds the cutter and an adjustment knob that controls the depth. Take the handle and slide it along its track such that the cutter removes a sliver of material about half the thickness of aluminum foil. Turn the knob and lower the cutter by an increment before taking another pass. In a fairly brief period you’ll have the rails cut as precisely as though they were cut on a mill. The process is a bit tedious but is not difficult at all.

Next, reorient the Phantom Jig to the top of the frame and you can cut the barrel seat. The process is similar and the details are clearly delineated in the instructions. Be patient and meticulous and the results will amaze you.

This Gun Is Invisible To The Government

It is theoretically possible to cut stainless steel frames with this device, though we opted for aluminum. This softer material is easier to cut and makes for a more lightweight carry gun. The entire investment in time finishing out our aluminum 1911 frame was maybe an afternoon. My daughter and I undertook the project together and had a ball doing it.

Assembly Required

1911, 1911s, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistols, 1911 builders, 1911 builders instructions, 1911 frame
The process for finishing the frame is clearly outlined in the instructions, and there are copious resources available online, including on, should you run into any snags. With care, the resulting 1911 will be as reliable and accurate as a store-bought weapon.

The intricacies of assembling this iconic pistol are well documented and explored in detail both online and in print. You’ll need a punch (or three), a small non-marring hammer and some basic tools to go along with a smidgeon of institutional knowledge. We used a set of building fixtures from Present Arms that kept everything going smoothly.

 The Present Arms fixtures are milled from a robust, non-marring polymer and are purpose designed to keep everything in place and provide that third hand you need to get through some of the sticky bits. The build can be undertaken without this device but it certainly makes the process easier.

The internal mechanism goes together fairly smoothly so long as you have some modicum of familiarity with it. The details are available on YouTube. You’ll need that drill press again to drill a 1/8-inch hole to retain the ejector, but this task is painless. Compressing the hammer spring into its housing is a chore but you can use your vise to hold it in place. We placed a small ball bearing over the top when compressing it to push the plunger low enough to get the cross-pin started. Wear safety glasses, lest this powerful spring slip its bonds.

Sights Setting

1911, 1911s, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistols, 1911 builders, 1911 builders instructions, 1911 frame, front sight

We opted for TruGlo’s patented TFX sights. TFX stands for “Tritium Fiber-Optic Xtreme,” and these reasonably priced aftermarket sights offer everything you could want in tactical gun sights. Fiber-optic inserts funnel light into the device under daylight conditions. Tritium inserts illuminate the fiber-optic tubes in the dark, offering a glowing sight picure 24/7. These steel sights are simply superb, and they are available for most any handgun whether you built it at home or bought it in a store.

This nifty homebuilt heater grouped phenomenally well right from the outset. The slide-to-frame fit feels like greased glass and the crisp single-action trigger is simply divine. I had to tweak the safety a smidge with my Dremel tool to loosen it up, but I left everything else as it came. Reliability was 100 percent with three different brands of ammunition and maintenance is awfully straightforward once you literally know every piece of the gun, inside and out.

The resulting pistol is remarkably light and accepts any standard accessory on its railed dustcover. As the slide/frame interface is stainless steel on aluminum, keep the gun lubed well with quality gun oil until it breaks in to prevent any galling of the rail surfaces. I was genuinely amazed at how well this homebuilt pistol looked and shot.

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Parting Pointers

1911, 1911s, 1911 pistol, 1911 pistols, 1911 builders, 1911 builders instructions, 1911 frame, 1911 handgun

It takes a little mechanical aptitude to pull off this project, but it really requires more patience than skill. So long as you don’t rush anything, the build is within reach of anyone even reasonably handy with tools. You do need a small drill press but only for about five minutes. Borrow time on somebody else’s or just buy a cheap one for yourself. You’ll use it for other stuff eventually.

 At the end of the day, it is incredibly satisfying to carry a gun for personal protection that I built with my own hands. Truth be known, anybody really serious about guns should build one of these just for the novelty of the thing; legally building a sterile firearm that has no markings or serial number adds mystique to any collection.

I have seen some cool stuff in my time. However, the Phantom Jig from may just be the coolest gun idea I’ve ever seen. The end result is utterly professional and the extraordinary sense of personal satisfaction is tough to describe. The gun actually shoots as well as the high-end commercial 1911s in my personal collection. Additionally, the overall price, even with the Phantom Jig, is comparable to a mid-range commercial 1911 pistol. Build one yourself or get together with a few like-minded friends and share a jig.


Democrat Mayor Welcomes Illegals to Denver


During a recent interview with CNBC, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s comments regarding the city’s approach to immigration underscore a troubling trend of prioritizing the interests of migrants over the well-being of American citizens.

Johnston’s admission that Denver is grappling with an influx of migrants is a damning indictment of the city’s failed open-door policies. Rather than acknowledging the inherent risks and challenges associated with unchecked migration, Johnston attempts to portray Denver’s approach as a delicate balancing act between compassion and pragmatism. However, his words betray a dangerous naivety that threatens to undermine the safety and prosperity of Denverites.

By championing an ideology of unlimited hospitality, Denver has effectively placed the burden of its misguided altruism squarely on the shoulders of its own citizens. Johnston’s assertion that the city is proud of its ability to manage the migrant crisis is not only arrogant but also deeply troubling. Instead of celebrating the city’s failure to control its borders, Denver should be prioritizing the needs and concerns of its own residents.

Johnston’s plea for federal assistance serves as a thinly veiled attempt to absolve Denver of its responsibility for the consequences of its reckless immigration policies. It is outrageous that hardworking taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for the city’s misguided generosity. Denverites should not be forced to accept cuts to city budgets and services in order to accommodate migrants who enter the country illegally.

Furthermore, Johnston’s insistence on portraying migrants as victims deserving of unwavering support only serves to exacerbate the problem. By perpetuating the myth of the noble migrant in need of rescue, Johnston glosses over the very real dangers and disruptions caused by uncontrolled immigration. Denverites deserve better than a mayor who prioritizes virtue signaling over their safety and prosperity.

It is time for Johnston and other proponents of open borders to face the harsh reality of their policies. Unrestricted immigration poses serious threats to national security, public safety, and economic stability. Denver cannot continue down this reckless path without risking irreparable harm to its own citizens.

In light of these challenges, it is imperative that Denver enact sensible immigration policies that prioritize the needs and interests of American citizens. This includes strengthening border security, enforcing immigration laws, and implementing measures to deter illegal immigration. Anything less would be a betrayal of the trust placed in Johnston by the people of Denver.


Illegals Get the VIP Treatment from Biden's DHS!

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Texas Dem. Rep: No Taxes For Black Americans


In a recent episode of the “Black Lawyers Podcast,” Rep. Jasmine Crockett, a Democrat from Texas, ignited a firestorm of controversy with her proposal to exempt Black Americans from paying taxes as a form of reparations. This suggestion has triggered widespread outrage among conservatives, who see it as yet another attempt to further racialize American politics and deepen divisions within society.

Crockett’s proposition, which she herself admitted may not be successful due to the fact that many within the Black community are already struggling financially and may not be paying taxes, has been met with condemnation from conservative voices across the country. Critics argue that such a plan would not only be ineffective in addressing the underlying issues faced by Black Americans but would also exacerbate racial tensions and perpetuate a victimhood narrative.

By singling out one racial group for special treatment through tax exemptions, Crockett’s proposal threatens to further polarize an already divided nation along racial lines. Conservatives view this as yet another example of the left’s obsession with identity politics, where race takes precedence over individual merit and personal responsibility.

Moreover, Crockett’s suggestion of tax exemptions as a form of reparations is seen as deeply misguided and unfair. Conservatives argue that reparations, if they are to be considered at all, should be based on need and merit, rather than race. By proposing blanket tax exemptions based solely on race, Crockett fails to address the complex socioeconomic factors that contribute to inequality and disadvantage in America.

Conservatives also express concern about the lack of consistency and coordination between federal and state approaches to reparations. Crockett’s call for tax exemptions at the federal level raises questions about how such measures would interact with existing state-level initiatives, potentially leading to confusion and inequity in the distribution of resources.

As the debate over reparations continues to intensify, conservatives are calling for a more thoughtful and inclusive approach that focuses on addressing the root causes of inequality and promoting economic opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race. Crockett’s proposal, they argue, only serves to further entrench racial divisions and undermine efforts to achieve genuine unity and progress in the United States.



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Whoopi Goldberg Claims Conservatives Want to “Bring Back Slavery”


In a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg stirred controversy with her startling claim that some Republicans are inclined to “bring slavery back.” The comment, made during a discussion about the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate an 1864 abortion ban, has sparked widespread condemnation, with critics lambasting Goldberg for her inflammatory and unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Goldberg’s assertion, delivered in the heat of the panel discussion, has been roundly denounced as not only inflammatory but also deeply irresponsible. By equating Republican policies on abortion with a desire to resurrect one of the darkest chapters in American history, Goldberg not only demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of the issues at hand but also showcased a troubling disregard for reasoned discourse.

Conservative voices have been particularly vocal in their condemnation of Goldberg’s remarks, highlighting the egregious nature of her comparison and the harm it does to meaningful dialogue. They argue that such hyperbolic and baseless accusations only serve to further polarize an already divided political landscape, making it increasingly difficult to find common ground on important issues.

Moreover, critics have pointed out the dangerous precedent set by Goldberg’s rhetoric, warning of the potential consequences of allowing such inflammatory statements to go unchallenged. They argue that by indulging in sensationalism and distortion, Goldberg not only does a disservice to the public discourse but also undermines the credibility of her own platform.

In the wake of the controversy, Goldberg has faced mounting pressure to retract or clarify her remarks, with many calling on her to apologize for the offense caused. However, as of yet, Goldberg has remained steadfast in her position, offering no indication of contrition or acknowledgment of the harm caused by her words.

Goldberg’s comments are part of a greater problem in American media and politics: One where conservative Americans are routinely demonized for their beliefs without consequence. This rhetoric should alarm all patriotic Americans interested in the free and honest discussion of ideas and politics.


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