A “Lord of the Rings” Survival Tip

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan like me, you know there are many survival tips you can learn from this awesome series.

One of my favorite characters, Legolas, portrays these beautifully. He has tremendous skill with a bow and arrow, and continually takes down attackers with ease using this weapon.

Now although one may consider this to be a “fantasy” series, it shows you just how important and powerful a bow can be when it comes to survival. And that is true whether you’re in Mordor or in the real world.

Turns out there’s a ton of reasons to use this weapon over a firearm or other self-defense item. And you can even make it yourself with some pretty cheap supplies.

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A “Lord of the Rings” Survival Tip

Why Bows Are Awesome For Survival

There’s a ton of reasons why you’ll want a bow by your side in a survival situation. After all, these long-range weapons are excellent for both hunting, and taking down an attacker (and even fulfill many other needs to boot). Here are a few reasons to have a bow on you when SHTF:

  • They Can Be Made From Natural Materials: You can make a DIY bow and arrow, even if you’re caught in a survival situation. For example, you can just use hardwoods like ash, pine, and maple to make a good, sturdy bow. You can also make arrowheads out of cattails, or other types of wood like cedar. Simply use a stone or piece of flint to harden it, or burn it to a point using your fire. You can even make a bow string out of certain plants (like milkweed), or out of an animal hide.
  • They’re Better For Hunting Than Guns Are: This may seem like a tall claim, but think about it. Bows and arrows can be made from natural materials, whereas guns can not. You can also continually make new arrows, but you’re SOL if you run out of bullets. Not to mention, guns are extremely loud, and unless you want to drop hundreds on a suppressor (which still emits noise) that’s not going to change. Bows, on the other hand, shoot almost silently, allowing you to remain unseen.
  • They’re Good For More Than Just Hunting: Bows are some of the most versatile things on the planet. For instance, you can use a bow string to go fishing with, or for making a snare or trap. You can also make a bow drill to start a fire.
  • The Government Won’t Get Their Hands On It: Laws surrounding bows and arrows are pretty lax. And, if gun control measures continue to get more restrictive, you’re going to need a handy self-defense weapon by your side.
The Best Survival Bows

Here’s a few videos showing some of the best survival bows to have with you when SHTF.

How To Build Bows On The Cheap

You don’t have to wait until you get into a SHTF event to build your own bow. In fact, by making one quick trip to Home Depot, you can make your own bow in minutes. And, according to the video below, you can do this for under $7. Take a look: