9 Times Biden Betrayed the People of Hawaii

9 Times Biden Betrayed the People of Hawaii

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Joe Biden has and still horrifically mishandling the Maui fires situation at every level. There have been over 100 dead Americans, and 800 are still missing. It’s good of him to finally be able to take a break from his vacation to visit the people of Hawaii.

Here are nine mistakes made by Joe Biden, and unfortunately, there have been more since the start of his presidency.

We may need to update this list in the future.

Sitting on the Beach Despite Maui’s Devastation from Fire

The wildfires began on August 8. The fires were out of control, hundreds were without electricity, and thousands had been evacuated by the following day.

Biden sat on the beach for those two days without saying anything. He didn’t leave his beach chair to take on a presidential role until August 10. All he had done before was tweet a few hours earlier.

A “No Comment” When Questioned Explicitly About the Rising Death Toll

While Hawaii burned and the number of dead and missing rose, Biden continued to sit on the beach and responded, “No comment.”

Even his smile suggested that he thought he was cute. I’m at a loss for words other than “sociopathic.”

A Whole Week Without Any Comments About Maui

Before Biden could be bothered to talk in-depth about Maui, a week—a week!—would go by. The current president has nothing to say and no assurances to give in the face of an entire American city being destroyed.

Rejected Making a Trip to Maui for Two Weeks

The media are okay with a president remaining away from a catastrophe area for weeks, except you’re a Republican. A presidential visit, after all, strains a regional structure that is already under pressure.

But instead of reassuring Americans and, more specifically, Hawaiians that he was committed to providing Maui with everything it needed, he went MIA, attending expensive fundraisers before rushing back on vacation.

Residents of Maui were pleading with their own government for assistance the entire time.

Maui Locals Criticize Biden’s Silence

Kai Lenny, a renowned surfer organizing neighborhood volunteer relief efforts, told CBS News that he hadn’t “seen a government employee in days.”

He continued, “Some of us were sitting back, waiting for help to come, and then nothing was happening.”

Lenny began his “boots on the ground” attempt to provide “supplies to those in need with the goal of holding friends and family over until” the government “arrives with everything” after receiving messages and emails from pals pleading for assistance.

He added, “And it was just like, day after day, ‘Where are they?'” but the government didn’t show.”

Biden Makes Incomprehensible Jokes about “Hot Ground.”

Therefore, President Sociopath decides to get nice once more after Biden is forced to return from his second vacation in as many weeks to appear in Maui.

Remember that over 100 verified deaths, over 800 people are missing, and countless people have lost everything, including their houses, dogs, and possessions… But here’s our Chief Empathizer: “You guys get the boots over here?” Man, that’s a hot spot.”

Do we dispatch presidents to catastrophe zones so they may go sightseeing and provide comic relief?

Devastated Maui Households Can Receive a Cool $700 From Biden

Biden has given Ukraine more than $100 billion in aid. Yet, he only offers $700 to Americans who have lost everything.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens Biden has permitted to enter the country are being housed and fed with monthly expenses of thousands of dollars.

However, Americans who have lost practically everything should only receive a one-time payment of $700. No joke. He cares more about Ukraine than America.

Biden Lies About Nearly Losing His Home, Using Maui Tragedy

The fact that “His Fraudulency” made a blatant falsehood about how “Jill and I… have a little sense [of] what it’s like to lose a home” when speaking to Maui wildfire victims shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he is the same man who continues to lie about losing a son in Iraq.

To cut a lengthy story short, Joe recalled that he nearly “lost his wife, my 1967 Corvette, and his cat.”

Biden Nods Off at the Memorial Service for the Victims of Maui

Here’s Sleepy Joe, once again. This man has no shame. He falls asleep while people mourn the dead.

Age is not a defense. When he chooses to be awake, Biden is awake enough. He would be attentive if ice cream was served at the event or if little children were around.

The man could care less. He is uninterested in anything happening at this revered event or on Maui.

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