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9 Survival Tips For Getting Through Christmas & New Year’s

Need some survival tips for getting through Christmas and New Year’s? We’re with you – and share our condolences.

This may be a little different than the survival articles you may be used to from us. Nevertheless, we feel it’s something that may prove helpful to you – especially during this stressful and at times complicated holiday season.

The fact is it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” for many. However, for many others, the holidays prove to be a very stressful and tumultuous time of year. And, whether you’re happily enjoying time with your family (or are secretly hoping for some time alone), we all could use some advice for getting through this busy season in one piece.

Thankfully, I’ve got a list of…

9 Survival Tips For Getting Through Christmas & New Year’s

Don’t Have Too Much Fun At The Office Party

It’s easy to go overboard at the office Christmas party… especially when it’s an open bar. However, although you might have had a rough week/month/year, taking it out on the alcohol likely isn’t going to help. That’s because too often people can go overboard on the drinks – and completely embarrass themselves (as well as their boss and coworkers) in the process. Tone it down this year by having one drink (and plenty of water) and mingling with your favorite coworkers. It may seem less exciting, but the lack of alcohol may save you months (if not years) of regret.

Stock Up On Your Favorites

One of the best parts about the holidays is that, once Christmas is over and done, things start popping up at huge discounts. Now’s the time to stock up! No matter if it’s technology, survival supplies, hunting gear or otherwise you’re likely to score some deals on post-holiday gear. And this can only help you if you end up in an SHTF situation.

Have Realistic Expectations

Most people have a tendency to have over-inflated expectations around the Christmas season. Essentially, they long for and seek to create the “perfect” Christmas. Unfortunately, this “perfection” is not reality, and is ultimately a letdown when things don’t go as planned. Instead, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of this season is to rest, relax and have fun with family and friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean lavishing your loved ones with overly expensive gifts, or cleaning/decorating your house to the nines in the expectation that you’ll have the perfect Christmas party. Instead, cherish and love the people around you for who they are and what they bring – themselves. Appreciating what IS – rather than being sad about what ISN’T – is one of the best ways to be present and fully enjoy the holiday season.

Stop Trying To Do Everything

Even if you’re the host of the Christmas party, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Instead, lower your pride and ask family, friends, and other attendees to help bring part of the meal (like snacks, desserts, etc,). You can even get the kids to help. The key here is to keep you sane – and that often means sharing the workload. Plus, it often turns out that combined efforts yield greater return (and more delicious treats) than individual efforts alone!

Moderation Is Key

The holiday season seems to boast that “more is more” and “excess is king.” Unfortunately, anyone who’s ever eaten too much knows that excess often leads to misery and deflated expectations. Instead, the key to the holiday season is often moderation. Drink alcohol and soft drinks in moderation, and drink plenty of water. Also, pay attention to your stomach when you’re eating… and when you’re full, put down your fork and stop. It may be tempting to gorge yourself on tasty treats, but it’s far better to stop when you’re truly full (and save yourself the remorse).


It may seem counterintuitive to many people, but hydration is actually the key to long-term happiness – not alcohol. Although drinking is encouraged over the holiday season, having a glass or two of water in-between each glass of wine, beer or liquor can help keep the buzz longer without going overboard. It’ll also help prevent that nasty hangover in the morning.

Get Some Shut-Eye

Drinking and eating can be a lot of fun, but you’ll need to be intentional about getting enough sleep in-between each day. Too many people are sleep-starved during the holidays, and end up doing things they’ll later regret. So, even if it’s just for a few hours, get some quality sleep while you can.

Take Some Time Off

If at all possible, try to plan out your holidays so that you’re not being forced to work immediately after Christmas or New Year’s. Many people try to cram in both parties and work, and one ultimately suffers (usually the latter). Plus taking some time off work allows you to rest and rejuvenate, giving you energy for the workdays to come. If it’s not at all possible to take time off work, ask if you can work from home. That way you can get more sleep, and there’s less pressure to be a top performer.

Surround Yourself With Those You Love

This is probably the #1 thing to remember. No matter your circumstances, the holidays are no time to spend in isolation. If you don’t have family in town, call up some friends and ask if they want to go out for a holiday meal (or ask if you can join them at their Christmas/New Year’s Party). Also, don’t turn down any invitations for holiday gatherings – this is the time to meet new people and celebrate the year! It may be a little awkward at first, but it’s far better than being alone over the holidays.


Judge Threatens to Arrest Trump for Going to His Son’s Graduation


Donald Trump, often maligned by his critics, has demonstrated one undeniable truth throughout his public life: he is a devoted and exceptional father. Observing him with his children—Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron—reveals a man who is not only proud but profoundly nurturing. This connection with his children, built on respect and genuine affection, is something that any parent can recognize as authentic and admirable.

Amidst his many battles, the commitment Trump shows to his family life remains unshakeable, even as he faces an unprecedented and, many would argue, highly politicized trial. It’s utterly disheartening to see how low his opponents are willing to stoop in their pursuit to tarnish his image—so much so, that they would even suggest jailing him should he decide to attend his youngest son Barron’s graduation. This insinuation by Justice Juan Merchan is not only absurd but strikes at the heart of basic human decency.

Consider the sheer joy and pride a parent feels witnessing their child achieve a milestone like graduation. Barron, having grown up under the intense scrutiny of his father’s high-profile career, deserves to celebrate his graduation day with both his parents by his side, without the shadow of political vendettas darkening this important family moment.

The trumped up case against Trump, centered around alleged hush money related to an encounter with Stormy Daniels, is based on alleged actions that took place long before he entered the political arena. If we examine this scenario critically, it’s clear that this is a common enough practice among the elite to protect personal and family privacy. Yet, it’s portrayed as a sinister plot solely because Trump is the individual involved. This represents a glaring double standard, especially when compared to how similar situations have been handled with other public figures.

Let’s not forget, Bill Clinton, while President, engaged in far more directly compromising behavior, yet faced no criminal trial. His ability to attend his daughter Chelsea’s graduation and celebrate this occasion publicly was never questioned or jeopardized by his legal entanglements or the moral judgments of others.

It’s a stark illustration of the hypocrisy and bias that drives the actions of those who oppose Trump at every turn. This trial, and the drama surrounding his ability to participate in his son’s graduation, underscores a broader attempt to undermine him in the most personal and painful ways.

Should the situation arise where Trump is barred from attending Barron’s graduation, he should undoubtedly prioritize his paternal duties. Such an act would likely resonate with many Americans who value family and parental rights, potentially rallying more support for Trump in any future endeavors, including elections.

In the end, Trump’s enduring commitment to his family, despite the relentless attacks against him, not only humanizes him but also exemplifies his resilience and dedication. It’s essential to recognize and commend his role as a father amidst the tumult of political strife.

Should Donald Trump be able to go to his son’s graduation?


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Mayorkas in Hot Seat For Allegedly Encouraging Illegals to Vote for Biden


During a recent congressional budget hearing, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas found himself under intense scrutiny by Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) concerning a deeply troubling allegation. The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project reported the discovery of a flyer, purportedly from Resource Center Matamoros, which brazenly encourages migrants to vote for President Joe Biden, promising, “We need another four years of his term to stay open.” This inflammatory material, allegedly found by independent journalists in Mexico and reported by Muckraker, raises grave concerns about the integrity of our electoral process.

The flyer, still unverified by mainstream media outlets and missing from the Resource Center Matamoros’s official resources, points to a potential scandal of significant proportions. The implications are severe—suggesting a concerted effort to manipulate U.S. elections by influencing the migrant population, a group explicitly ineligible to participate in our voting system.

Rep. Bishop confronted Mayorkas directly: “The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project has released this document that is allegedly a flyer distributed by a non-governmental organization in Mexico called the Resource Center Matamoros … which is said to read, in part, if translated, ‘Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open,'” illustrating a critical lapse in border security and immigration enforcement under the current administration.

Mayorkas’s response was both dismissive and inadequate, stating that “individuals who are not citizens of the United States cannot vote in federal elections” and claiming that DHS does not oversee election enrollments but merely enforces border policies. However, this response starkly highlights the core issue—the Biden administration’s lax enforcement and oversight policies, which have allowed millions, including two million undocumented ‘got-aways,’ to potentially exploit loopholes in the electoral registration process.

Secretary Mayorkas and the Biden administration must be held accountable for their role in what appears to be a flagrant disregard for the laws that safeguard both our borders and our ballots. This incident is not an isolated blip but a symptom of a broader, more disturbing trend under Secretary Mayorkas’s DHS: a deliberate softening of immigration policies that seem designed to favor political over practical interests.

It’s imperative for the integrity of our democratic process that thorough investigations are conducted. If migrants are indeed being instructed, implicitly or explicitly, to support a particular political outcome, such actions must be met with the full force of the law. We must demand more than lackluster assurances from our leaders; we need concrete actions and transparent accountability to restore faith in our immigration system and electoral integrity.


Illegals Get the VIP Treatment from Biden's DHS!

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Biden’s Blunders: Scripted Leadership in Crisis Times?


Once again, President Biden has been caught on camera, not trusting his own words during crucial moments. During a recent Oval Office meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister, while the world reels from a violent missile and drone attack by Iran on Israel, Biden couldn’t step away from his pre-written scripts.

Photographs reveal that Biden, aged 81, resorted to a detailed cheat sheet, which embarrassingly included all-caps stage directions for pausing, allowing for translation. This was during his first public address since the devastating attack on Israel over the weekend. The contrast was stark next to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani, who spoke freely, without the aid of notes.

Instead of addressing the nation live while missiles were still threatening lives, the White House chose to “call a lid” early in the evening, opting only to release staged photos of Biden in the Situation Room. It was only after the immediate crisis had eased that Biden communicated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express U.S. support, and convened a discussion with G7 leaders—again, following the script too cautiously, reportedly urging Netanyahu to limit Israel’s response, seemingly more worried about political optics than decisive leadership.

In public, Biden stated, “The United States is committed to Israel’s security…We are committed to a cease-fire that will bring the hostages home and prevent the conflict from spreading further.” Yet, these words, read from his script, now ring hollow, reflecting a pattern of relying on scripted safety nets even in supposedly spontaneous discussions.

This tendency to lean heavily on pre-written prompts was noted not only in moments of international crisis but also in less formal settings like private fundraisers, causing discomfort among his own supporters, as per reports from Axios.

As crises unfold, the leader of the free world should be expected to address his nation and the world with conviction and authenticity, not hide behind carefully curated words. The frequent appearance of Biden’s cheat sheets raises concerning questions about his ability to lead through unscripted challenges—where real leadership is tested not by the ability to follow a script, but to speak from the heart and adapt with strength.



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