81K Illegal Aliens to be Issued Driver’s Licenses In This State!

81K Illegal Aliens to be Issued Driver's Licenses In This State!

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – About 81,000 illegal aliens will receive driver’s licenses from Minnesota. Although the application procedure can now be started, applicants won’t be able to submit their formal applications until the new law takes effect on Oct. 1.

Since all it takes to register to vote online in Minnesota is a driver’s license, the new law, dubbed “Driver’s License for All,” makes it easier for voter fraud.

Fox News states:

“People living in Minnesota without legal immigration status can now begin the process of getting their driver’s license by making an appointment for their written driver’s test, state officials announced at a news conference Thursday.

Around 81,000 people are expected to be eligible under the state’s new law — dubbed “Driver’s License for All.” They can now make appointments to apply but won’t be able to actually get a license until the law goes into effect Oct. 1.”

The new law’s supporters assert that because more drivers will have licenses, the roads will be safer, while its detractors argue that it will encourage more illegal immigration.

Jody-Kay Peterson, the head of the driver services program, even stated that the department would not cooperate with any immigration law enforcement regarding potential deportations.

They want to support them by encouraging others to break the law.

This is not shocking for a state ruled by radical leftists. Additionally, it reflects the national issue the southern border is currently experiencing. Our nation has been overrun by millions of illegal immigrants, many of whom are receiving better care than some of our own people.

Prior Gateway reports on the effects of illegal immigration:

For the American taxpayer, illegal immigration has disastrous economic consequences. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently released research that estimates the annual cost of illegal immigration to American taxpayers at least $151 billion.

To arrive at the astounding figure, the study evaluates factors including education, welfare, medical expenses, and law enforcement at the federal and state levels.

Each American taxpayer contributes roughly $1,200 annually to financing the unlawful crisis.

Border communities are under much more pressure because of Biden’s flawed border policies and the federal government’s abandonment of them.

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