How 80% Lowers Protect Your 2A Rights

2A rights

Want to protect your 2A rights? You’ll want to invest in 80% lowers.

80% lower receivers have been around for a long time. However, you’ve likely only been hearing about them in recent years… and that’s due to all this ridiculous gun control legislation.

The Government Has No Idea this Glock 17 Exists

Since our government has made the decision to completely ignore the Second Amendment, gun advocates have been watching their rights slip through their hands right and left. As such, gun-loving Americans have been searching for a way to take back their firearms – and their Second Amendment rights. Hence, 80% lowers.

Many people have thought about investing in these “unfinished firearms,” but never got the courage to pull the trigger. Well, if that’s you, I’m pretty sure you’ll solidify that decision once you see…

How 80% Lowers Protect Your 2A Rights

First off, it’s important we get on the same page about what an 80% lower actually is.

If you’re new to firearms, a “receiver” is the firearm frame. This is the housing that protects all the internal components of your gun (like the hammer, action, firing mechanism, etc.). It’s typically threaded to “receive” the barrel, and usually has screw holes near the bottom/end to “receive” the stock and grip.

In this case, we’re talking about “80% lowers.” These are unfinished lower receivers that have only been 80% completed in the overall milling process. An example can be found in the image below:

Picture courtesy of Pew Pew Tactical

80% lowers are completely legal to own, as they do not meet the definition of a “firearm” under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). In fact, many people think of them as nothing more than “paperweights.”

The best part about 80% lowers, though, is all the advantages you can have if you mill them yourself and utilize them for personal use.

How 80% Lowers Help You Take Back Your Second Amendment Rights

80% lowers are more necessary today than ever before. With the government ever-tightening gun control, Americans need a way to protect their right to carry, and their freedom to own/use a firearm.

This Untraceable Firearm Is The Perfect Way To Take Back Your Freedom

Not only are 80% lowers legal to own, but they’re also an excellent “loophole” in getting around tyrannical gun control laws.

However, there are even more reasons to love 80% lowers…

Like the fact that it has no serial number on it, and therefore requires zero registration. That’s right – no paperwork + no registration = no government keeping track of this firearm. And that’s HUGE, considering that if the government decides to start disarming Americans, they’re going to go straight to that registration database and start confiscating. And, since your gun won’t be on there, they’ll be none the wiser.

Plus, because you’re manufacturing this gun for personal use, it does not require a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

All of this news should have you jumping for joy and racing to get your own 80% lower. However, if you need even more convincing, I’ve got…

Even More Reasons to Have An 80% Lower

It’s Just Plain Cool

Imagine this. Next time you’re at the range and someone comes up and asks what you’re shooting, it won’t be a Colt, Reuger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, etc. Since you can customize and build your gun the way YOU want it, you can officially say, “I’m shooting a [insert your last name].”

You’ll Learn WAY More

Building your own firearm from an 80% lower has distinct advantages. For one, you gain a much more in-depth understanding of how your firearm actually functions. You also gain the invaluable ability to service any broken parts or failures your firearm may experience. And, since you know the complete breakdown of what parts your firearm contains and how they work together, it’ll be way easier to repair and maintain your gun.

Not to mention…

It’s Cheaper To Own & Maintain

Since you’ve got all that knowledge of what parts your firearm has and how it works, the costs of maintaining your firearm can go down quite a bit. That’s because you won’t have to suffer the expense of paying another person to change out your parts. Not to mention, building your gun from an 80% lower is way cheaper than purchasing a gun that’s pre-built.

Customization Is Key

When it comes down to it, you can create your very own custom build. You’ll only the parts you want to use, and none that you don’t. When you build your gun yourself, it looks and functions the way YOU want it. And that’s priceless.

It’s Easy To Build

80% lowers have practically exploded onto the scene – and that’s largely because they’re really fun to make. Plus, it takes zero machining experience to make your own firearm from one of these. All you need is a few common tools (you could probably find them at Walmart) and someone to show you how it’s done.

You Can Learn How To Build It For FREE

Practically anyone can build their own gun using an 80% lower. However, you’ll need an expert to show you how the process works. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea what to do with this bulky metal “paperweight.”

That’s why you’ll want this Free DVD. The masters at Family Survival have put together a short 1-hour DVD walking you through every step necessary to make your very own undetectable Glock 17 9mm. They also show you how to complete the entire building process in a garage. Then, they prove it works by taking it to the range and lighting up a target.

When you finish watching the video, you just follow the steps to make your own untraceable gun. And believe me – it’s a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper) than you might think.
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Don’t sit idly by while our government strips us away of our Second Amendment rights. Take back your basic American rights by getting this Free DVD and building your own untraceable Glock 17 9mm today.