7+ Survival Uses For Honey

survival uses for honey

Most every prepper has no idea how many survival uses for honey there are. And that’s a real shame, because this surprising survival tool can help make SHTF situations way more bearable in a lot of different ways.

And I’m not just talking about all the ways you can eat it (by itself, on toast, on a banana, etc.). Nope – it turns out honey can be extremely beneficial in healing your body, relieving ailments, and more.

It’s astounding to discover all of the various…

7+ Survival Uses For Honey

Kill Parasites

Parasites can not only be annoying – they can be deadly if they go without treatment.

However, this treatment can be very costly. And it’s unlikely you’ll get an appointment at the local hospital or doctor’s office once SHTF.

As such, it’s important to look into natural treatments that kill off parasites. And this is where honey comes in.

To make an effective parasite-killing remedy, combine equal parts of water, honey, and vinegar into a bowl. Then drink the mixture.

Many individual cases claim this remedy works, so you’ll definitely want to try it in an upcoming crisis.

Preserve Food

The sugar in honey allows it to become a natural food preservative. This can really come in handy, seeing as you need foods to stay fresh for as long as possible when SHTF.

Get An Energy Boost

One of the great things about honey is that it contains glucose, which gives your energy levels a kick when you start becoming sluggish. This is especially important in an emergency, since luxuries like store-bought coffee and energy drinks will be in short supply (if available at all).

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Studies show that consuming local honey every day can have a profound impact on your health. For instance, it is said to decrease your allergic reactions – whether seasonal or otherwise. This is great news, considering we’ll likely have to find natural remedies once traditional medicines are no longer usable.

Heal Wounds

One of the most notable survival uses of honey is its ability to fight off infection. This can be extremely helpful in speeding up the healing time of a wound, since it kills off harmful bacteria.

To get these benefits, simply pour honey gently onto the wound, and lightly spread it around, covering the entire surface. Then cover the wound with a dressing. As the wound heals, occasionally add an additional layer of honey as necessary until the wound heals completely.

Soothe An Upset Stomach

With disease, bacteria and infection running rampant when SHTF, it’s likely you’ll catch a stomach bug or two. Help an upset stomach by combining one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of honey, and one cup of warm water. Mix thoroughly, and then drink.

This is a great remedy for heartburn as well as stomach pain. So drink up and let that pain melt away.

Treat Burns

Burns can come from the sun, a chemical spill, cooking with hot pots and pans, and more. As such, you’re going to need to treat these burns as properly and as quickly as possible.

Aloe vera is a common soothing agent to help relieve the pain of a burn. However, honey is a very useful substitute. Simply apply a thick layer of honey to the burn, and apply more as necessary. The honey has antibacterial properties, and will also help cool the skin.


There are countless survival uses for honey. So many, in fact, that they didn’t all make it into one blog. Therefore, it’s a great idea to watch the video below – it has tons of additional uses for this lifesaving ingredient.