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There are various reasons why crypto is still a great investment. And, as we creep ever closer to a major SHTF event, cryptocurrency may be the next investment preppers need to make to be financially ready.

As you likely know, many people have an opinion about cryptocurrency. And this opinion often revolves around a focus on Bitcoin.

There’s no doubt that Bitcoin’s success has been hard to ignore. Created back in 2009, this crypto stayed in the shadows, ramping up speed until it launched into the spotlight in 2013. Since then, Bitcoin has seen massive growth. It’s also opened the door for over 1500 different cryptos to come onto the market – all within just 5 years’ time.

Then in 2017 something astonishing happened. The market cap of all cryptocurrency (aka the total price of all crypto coins combined) grew by 4000%. And now it’s worth over $454 billion!

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Nowadays crypto consists of FAR more than just Bitcoin. For instance, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum have all been performing exceptionally well in the last year.

And more cryptos are exploding onto the market seemingly by the day. And, while no one can predict the future of cryptocurrencies, it’s undeniable that the popularity of this new technology is ever-increasing.

However, that’s just the beginning. There are many more reasons to love crypto and continue investing in it.

Here are seven of them.

7 Reasons Why Crypto Is A Good Investment

Better Regulations

Thanks to the incredible rise in cryptocurrency popularity, more and more improved regulations are beginning to take shape around it. This boost in crypto regulations has reduced public uncertainty and has boosted both trading activity and coin prices.

Plus, these tighter regulations help diminish potential scams, since all cryptocurrencies will adhere to the same set of criteria.

These regulations will provide a more solid foundation and encourage even more investment growth than ever before.

Blockchain Is The Future

Bitcoin was the first to use blockchain technology, and opened the door to its possibilities. And now it is here to stay. That’s because this secure, trustless technology is now being used by all cryptocurrencies.

Not to mention, a multitude of global organizations (including Microsoft) are getting on the Blockchain train and investing significant funds into cryptocurrency.

Eventually, it’s very likely blockchain technology will become an essential way businesses operate across the globe.

Investing Has Never Been Easier

The idea of making the jump into cryptocurrency can often seem a bit daunting, and even intimidating. However, it’s a lot easier than many people think.

For one, there’s far more research and information out there than has ever been previously available to the public. This allows investors to navigate this new world, free of the many barriers that existed in years past.

In addition, one of the most popular options to help new investors get started is Coinbase. With more than 10 million investors, this “digital wallet” allows investors to buy Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and more in one convenient location.

Not to mention, investment funds that are new to the market (like the 10x Growth Account) give investors access to a portfolio full of various cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple – just to name a few. This gives investors lots of potential options to get started.

Furthermore, according to What Investment UK Magazine, these new investment funds allow investors to access the portfolio “… through a collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) and their secure platform Seratio Coin. This organization offers secure and easy access to cryptocurrency with a tax-efficient Social Enterprise Investment managed by experienced cryptocurrency experts, perfect for those individuals who want to invest in cryptocurrency but do not know where to start.”

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It’s Time To Expand Our Horizons

There’s no question about it – Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency charge and put this remarkable technology on the map. It’s by far the most recognized crypto, and dominated the market for a long time. However, this does not mean – by any stretch – that Bitcoin is the only crypto worth knowing about or investing in.

Unfortunately, it appears that the time to reap the largest Bitcoin rewards is over. Therefore, investors looking to make huge returns have the opportunity to expand their horizons and invest in alternative crypto (aka “alt-coins”) such as Litecoin and Ethereum. These two cryptos have been showing extreme promise, and are expected to flourish as 2018 continues.

In addition, more and more cryptocurrencies are becoming available every day. This provides more opportunity for reaping large rewards than ever before.

We Don’t Have To Worry About Short-Term Fluctuations

Like any good investment, it’s important to set your eyes on the long-term gains that can be made. For instance, many new investors have a tendency of obsessing over the micro-fluctuations that occur in the crypto market. However, it’s important to understand that price fluctuations WILL happen, and to expect them.

Take Bitcoin, for instance. Even though this crypto dropped close to the $6,000 mark a few months ago, it bounced back to more than $9,000 per coin just two weeks later. And investors expect even more significant price surges to occur in the coming months.

When investing in crypto, the trick is to keep your eyes above the waves. Keep your focus on the medium-and-long-term viability (1 year, 5 years, and 10 years) of the investment. This is where the most profitable gains can be found.

This Is Just The Beginning

Blockchain – the technology that makes all cryptocurrencies work – has so much more potential than many people realize. As Andrew Pritchard, a highly seasoned finance professional with over 30 years experience, states:

The underlying technology of Blockchain is not only the backbone of the cryptocurrency world, it is doing so much more behind the scenes than any of us really give it credit for. From supply chain management and accounting to greater quality assurance, more transparent production lines and even fairer voting systems, Blockchain has the potential to transform the way our world operates for the better. By investing in cryptocurrency, you are helping to support the continued evolution of this innovative and transformational technology, which is set to benefit future generations.

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