7 Pieces Of Cold Weather Gear To Store In Your Car

Winter is in full swing, and so it’s important to make sure you have enough cold weather gear to survive the harsh conditions.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most crucial cold weather gear that you’ll need to store in your car. That way if you get stranded or end up in some other vehicular emergency, these items will help you stay alive.

7 Pieces Of Cold Weather Gear To Store In Your Car

Warm Wool Blanket

Warm blankets can be a godsend in a crisis. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also help fend off hypothermia if you get stuck in a blizzard. Opt for wool blankets made out of a synthetic fiber blend. These are generally fire resistant, dry quickly and provide extra insulation.

Weatherproof Matches

With wintertime comes snow, rain, hail and sleet. And all of these things can make it real hard to start a fire in order to cook food or get warm. Thankfully, weatherproof matches will light in any weather (even wind), and help prevent you from freezing to death.

20-Hour Body Warmers

If you need to leave your car to seek help, you’ll need a way to keep warm on the go.  Thankfully, body warmers are compact, easily stored and provide up to 20 full hours of lifesaving heat. Simply stick them under your clothes to keep you warm as you walk.

Flashlight Radio

These survival tools are amazing. For one, they’re powered by a hand crank (which means you don’t have to worry about batteries dying when you need it most). It also comes with a built-in radio. This way, you can get AM and FM stations (along with news, weather and emergency updates) to keep you informed.

Flameless Cooking Bowl

These cooking tools are bound to become your new favorite way to heat food in an emergency. That’s because they require zero fire or electricity to work. Instead, they come with a heat pack which you insert in the bowl along with the food. Just a few minutes later and you’ve got a piping hot meal. Can be used anytime, anywhere.

Emergency Food Rations (3600 Calorie Versions)

Of course, sometimes you can’t afford to stop and cook food. Sometimes you just need a fast, compact meal you can eat on the go. That’s where these food ration bars come in. Each one contains 3,600 calories, allowing you to have more than your daily calorie intake for emergencies. Better yet, they’re easy to ration out to help you gain consistent energy throughout the day.


Did this one catch you by surprise? Makes sense, considering this dual survival tool is one of the most useful inventions ever. Not only is this a razor-sharp knife, but it also has the ability to start a fire wherever, whenever. That’s because sparks fly off this blade at an alarming 5400°F. Wo no matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be able to hunt, build a shelter AND start a fire in no time.


There are obviously many other things that you can put in your vehicle for winter emergencies. What other pieces of cold weather gear do you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments.