6 Ways To Use Leaves For Survival

use leaves for survival
If you don’t know all the ways to use leaves for survival, you need to keep reading.Leaves are one of the most significant and life-giving parts of a tree. However, most people often take them for granted. They either see them as just a “pretty tree accessory,” or they don’t even think how to use them during a survival situation.The truth is, tree leaves are far more than just good for the tree, and nice to look at. They can also play a crucial factor in your survival experience. And they can even save your life.For the ultimate disaster preparedness, you’ll need to make sure you know these…

6 Ways To Use Leaves For Survival

Protect Your Feet

When SHTF, everyone will be up on their feet walking/running around far more than normal. And this can take a huge toll on your feet.

Thankfully, leaves can help cushion your feet as you move. Especially when you use leaves from the mullein plant.

These leaves are huge, and can create some comfy insoles for your feet, preventing blisters as you move.

Plus, these leaves have antibacterial properties, helping fight off bacteria and infection (a must for survival).

Not to mention, mullein leaves are extremely absorbent. Not only can they absorb water and sweat from your feet, but they can also have alternate uses such as for napkins or toilet paper.

Check out the video below to learn how to recognize this amazing plant.

Keep You Warm

Leaves are great for insulation – especially when you have piles of them. Pile them under your sleeping bag (or emergency bivvy) to make your night’s sleep a bit more comfortable.

Enhance Your Survival Food

If you can find a tree with large leaves, these can be very useful as makeshift plates in a survival situation. Sure, it’s not ideal, but they help keep the food off the ground, and provide a clean surface for the food to rest on.

Not to mention, Burdock leaves are exceptional for survival cooking. Just wrap the food in a few layers of burdock leaves, and start cooking. Much like tin foil, the leaves will insulate the food and keep it juicy while cooking.

Watch the video below to learn how to identify Burdock leaves.

Have A Natural Food Source

Certain leaves can be just as delicious for eating as they are for cooking. The key is to choose leaves that aren’t poisonous, and are safe for human consumption.

However, when you find edible leaves, you can enjoy them raw, can cook them, or can even use them to brew some tea.

Here are a couple videos of natural, edible leaves/plants you can use to help fill your stomach.

 Make Cordage

Certain leaves are very fibrous, and you can use these natural fibers to make cordage in an emergency situation.

This cordage (or rope) can be extremely useful in a variety of situations, such as building a shelter, tying a raft, or setting traps/snares to catch small game.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Sabal Palm Fronds to make cordage.

Start A Fire

Dry leaves can make excellent tinder if you need to start a fire. Plus, these leaves are often plentiful, giving you a huge supply.

Check out the video to see how a simple ferro rod and some dead leaves can start a roaring fire.