50 Year Old Man Competes, Shares Locker Room With Girls As Young As 13


In a recent regional swimming competition held in Canada, a 50-year-old man named Nicholas J. Cepeda, who identifies as “Melody Wiseheart,” was permitted to compete against – and use the same locker rooms as – teenage girls aged 13-17. 

The event, hosted at the Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre’s Fall Classic near Toronto, raised eyebrows as Cepeda was the sole male competitor and the only participant over 17 in the “Girls 13 & over” age category for the 200-meter competition.

Swimming Group Lies About Participation By Grown Man

Upon being confronted by reporter David Menzies, event organizers initially denied Cepeda’s participation. However, when presented with competition results, they reluctantly admitted the man had indeed taken part. The event organizer, Richard Chan, declined to engage in a gender debate, stating that registrations were based on what participants entered and deferred responsibility to Swimming Canada’s guidelines.

Swimming Canada stated that swimmers can generally compete as their declared gender. However, for national competitions, only eligible athletes would make it to the national team, as clarified by Nathan White, associate director of communications for Swimming Canada.

Contrary to the local organizer’s claim about age restrictions being set by the event organizer, White asserted that the “organizer of the meet” determines age limits. Swimming Canada outlined registration requirements, indicating that transgender swimmers must meet international federation criteria before declaring availability for selection at any National Team selection event.

Notably, in June 2022, World Aquatics (formerly known as the International Swimming Federation or FINA) prohibited transgender athletes from competing against women in elite events, except under the condition that they completed their transition by the age of 12. This decision was reportedly supported by another Canadian swimming organization, Aquatics Canada Aquatiques. Despite the creation of a specific category for transgender athletes by FINA, the category was closed due to a lack of participants just two months after its inception.

It’s worth mentioning that Cepeda, who also goes by the name “Dr. Melody Wiseheart,” is reported to be a professor at York University in the psychology department. His research areas include “aging,” “children,” “youth,” and “cognitive processes,” among others.