5 OTC Meds For Survival

You may have prepped – but are you stocked up on OTC meds for survival?
The truth is OTC (over-the-counter) meds are going to be one of the first things stores sell out of when SHTF. And that’s a big deal, because once they’re gone, you’ll have to live with what you have (or live without).
Thankfully, you can stock up on them now while they’re still widely available. And I’ve got some suggestions on which ones to pick up.

5 OTC Meds For Survival

Painkillers and Fever Reducers

These are some of the most favorable and useful OTC meds of the lot. That’s because you can use them in a wide range of circumstances (such as getting sick, getting injured, etc).

Aspirin and ibuprofen are good ones for this.  Just be sure to pack child-friendly ones if traveling with kids.


Sleep is going to be hard to come by in an emergency. That’s why sleep-aids can be so helpful.

Just remember that you’ll get better, more restful sleep without taking anything at night. However, if it’s between getting no sleep or using OTCs to get the job done, the latter is far more preferable.


This is one of the most commonly missed OTC meds for survival. However, the fact is that sudden stress (especially long-term stress) can easily lead to constipation. Not to mention, you’ll be eating a very different diet than what you’ve become used to, which is bound to wreak havoc on your gut. And if not taken care of, constipation can prove fatal.

That’s why laxatives can be so helpful. They’ll “keep the trains moving” so to speak, and help rid your body of toxins and waste it doesn’t need.


As said before, your diet will change when SHTF – and likely not for the better. Even if you’ve packed healthy food, sustenance is going to be rationed, and you might run out of your preps. Not to mention, many survival foods aren’t very nutritionally dense (and are instead chock-full of sodium to make them taste good).

As such, it’s best to stockpile multivitamins to prepare. These will do wonders for helping your body soak up the nutrients it’s missing from your new daily diet. It can also help prevent injury and sickness, since a body with enough nutrients will generally have a healthy immune system.


You might not have allergies now (or they might be very manageable). However, the fact is you’re likely to end up in a very different environment than what you’re used to. And these situations can wreak havoc on your allergies.

However, if you’ve got anti-allergens with you, you can help your body recover faster and keep moving without the snot, itchy eyes and other negative symptoms.


This obviously isn’t a comprehensive list…. mostly because we wanted to get feedback from fellow preppers like yourself. What other OTC meds for survival would you stockpile? Let us know in the comments!