5 Amazing Survival Uses For Christmas Items

The truth is most preppers haven’t considered the various survival uses for Christmas items. That’s because they’re too busy celebrating (and rightly so). However, when the holidays are over most people will toss out their Christmas decorations. And they’ll be ultimately forfeiting a lot of useful stuff that can aid them in a survival situation.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be one of those people. You can enjoy the holiday season AND be smart enough to save that Christmas gear and add it to your stockpile. All you have to do is simply know these…

5 Amazing Survival Uses For Christmas Items

Bones From The “Christmas Beast”

Whether you had ham, turkey, roast or other form of meat for the holidays, the fact is you can utilize the leftover bones from these animals to heal your body.

That’s because these bones are basically nutrient powerhouses. And when you turn them into broth, you can experience:

  • A boost in immune system support
  • Less cellulite
  • Improved joint health
  • Reduced allergies
  • Healing for leaky gut
  • Reduced food intolerances

Think about it. Our ancestors were able to utilize every part of the animals they killed by simmering these bones in a pot for days at a time. This process causes the bones and ligaments to release their healing compounds, such as glutamine, glycine, collagen and proline. This creates a highly nutritious meal that works to heal you from the inside out.

Whether you use the Christmas beast or kill an animal in a survival situation, be sure to turn these bones into a broth for maximum health benefits!

Pine Boughs

Many people use pine trees (and pine boughs) for their holiday decor. Luckily, these are good for a lot more than just making your home feel Christmassy.

Here’s a few ways to get the most out of those leftover pine boughs:

  • Add them to the roof of your survival shelter to help trap heat and keep the elements out.
  • Boughs that have flaking bark and dry needs are perfect for using as kindling when starting a fire.
  • Use them to hide a snare from animals… until it’s too late.
  • Fresh boughs with sap can help cover your scent and prevent animals from knowing you’re around.

The great thing about stockings is they can do a lot more than just hold your Christmas loot. These survival tools are much more durable than ordinary socks, and therefore provide more warmth (and are longer lasting).

In a crisis you can combine stockings with duct tape, paracord and cardboard to make your own boots. You can also use these long, durable socks to carry survival gear that won’t fit in your pack.


Pinecones are an incredibly common Christmas decoration that you’ll see during the holidays. However, great news – these natural items are also great for survival!

Good news is we’ve already written about a few different ways you can use this handy item for survival. Check out our article here to learn more.

Christmas Lights

Believe it or not, you can actually use leftover Christmas lights in your survival planning!

Here’s a few ingenious ways to make them work for you:

  • Wrap them through your belt loops to make an impromptu belt.
  • Light your way in the dark.
  • Fashion a splint.
  • Tie lumber together
  • Remove the bulbs and then utilize them for many of the same uses as rope or paracord.


Know about survival uses for Christmas items that we forgot to include? Add them in the Comments section along with how you can utilize these items for survival!


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