4 Kinds of Sneaky “Back-Door” Gun Control Coming This Year

4 Kinds of Sneaky “Back-Door” Gun Control Coming This Year

President Biden and the lawmakers who are aligned with him promise to bring sweeping new gun control measures in 2023. And while they’d love nothing more than to do in America what Australia did in the 90’s – which was to confiscate hundreds of thousands of guns from the public – they know there’s no way they could get away with it. 

So instead of trying to ban and confiscate guns outright, they’re employing some sneaky tactics to make guns much harder to buy and own instead. 

And if you care even the tiniest bit about preserving your 2nd Amendment rights, you owe it to yourself to see what they’re up to! 

Here are 4 kinds of sneaky, “back-door” gun control that left-leaning lawmakers are trying to push in 2023…

Reviewing Your Social Media Accounts to Carry a Gun?

The idea of some government goon reviewing your Facebook and Instagram accounts to see if you deserve to carry a gun might seem far fetched… 

But believe it or not, it’s already happening in certain places in America! 

Thanks to a new law in New York, anyone in the state who wants to carry a concealed handgun now has to have their social media accounts reviewed for “character and conduct.”

What are they looking for when they do these reviews? 

Well, that’s the problem… 

There are no firm guidelines for what they might find and use to disqualify you from carrying your gun! 

Even worse…

Now that this law is already in-place in one state… there’s a very good chance other states will implement similar laws this year. 

Delaying Applications for YEARS

Ever since the pandemic, delays in approval for gun purchases and concealed carry applications have become the norm. The commonly accepted explanation for this is that the surging popularity of firearms has slowed down the FBI’s background check system. 

And while there’s certainly some truth to that… some believe that there’s more to this situation lurking beneath the surface. 

In some instances, it seems that applications may be intentionally slowed down to keep people from buying and carrying guns. 

For example, in Suffolk County, NY, multiple people are alleging that officials are purposefully blocking their applications – to prevent them from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. 

Crazily enough, some of these people have been waiting for years after their original applications were submitted. 

These types of underhanded, anti-gun actions can happen anywhere, and you can count on them getting more and more common. 

Taxing Guns and Ammo Into Oblivion

In late 2022, Democrats reintroduced the Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act into Congress. 

With such a name implying such pure intentions, it doesn’t raise too much suspicion at first… 

But what this bill would actually do is infuriating. 

It would impose massive new taxes on gun and ammo manufacturers – as well as on consumers. 

And the idea is to use the tax revenue from this bill to drive even more restrictive gun control. 

Again, bills like this are a sneaky way to make guns harder to get without actually banning them. Sure, guns and ammo might remain legal… they’ll just make them so expensive that nobody can afford to buy them! 

Banning Popular Gun Parts – Instead of the Guns Themselves

How do you make a gun illegal to own without actually banning it?


You just ban one of the gun’s parts. 

For example, at the time of this writing, 12 states and a number of local governments have banned or heavily regulated what they call “high-capacity magazines.” 

In many cases, these are the standard magazines that come with common pistols and rifles. And anyone who wants to own these guns has to use a specially modified magazine – or else face the legal repercussions. 

New laws like these are running rampant across the country, and President Biden would like to implement them all at the Federal level. And there’s a good chance he’ll get his way.

They’ve already banned bump stocks at the Federal level… and the ATF also just recently released a new rule banning pistol braces – which will instantly make thousands of guns illegal to own (and turn the people who possess them into felons, if they don’t surrender or disassemble them). 

How to Beat These Sneaky New Gun Control Tactics

The best way to push back against these oppressive new measures is to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights “early and often.” Obviously, if you don’t own a gun yet… the first thing you should do in response to all this is go out and buy one.

What guns should you get? 

A good starting place would be a 12 gauge shotgun for home defense… 

And of course, it would also be wise to get a handgun – along with the necessary certification to carry it concealed – and a comfy holster that makes it super simple and easy to carry (like the brand new VNSH holster).

The time to act is now. 
In most of America, anyone can still go out and purchase firearms with relative ease. But that may not be the case for long!