35 Ways Animal Fat Can Help You Survive A Crisis

animal fat

Have you been told that animal fat is bad for you? This is a common opinion that has been floating around the health food industry lately. And, on the surface, it makes sense. I mean, if your goal is to lose weight and burn fat, isn’t it counterintuitive to eat more fat?

However, many people don’t realize animal fat (or tallow) is not the culprit behind what makes a person fat. In fact, processed carbs and refined grains are often the culprit for that unflattering weight gain.

So why do we need animal fat?

Well, in a survival situation, animal fat is the very thing could easily help save your life. And, better yet, it can do this in a TON of different ways.

Sit tight, because you’re about to discover…

35 Ways Animal Fat Can Help You Survive A Crisis

1 – Make Survival Food More Delicious

Let’s face it. The top reason most of us love animal fat is the flavor it adds to your food. Well, thankfully, tallow is a great ingredient to deep-fry your survival foods in. Who says survival food can’t also be delicious?

2 – Substitute For Butter

You no longer have to worry about running out of butter in a crisis. That’s because animal fat is an excellent substitute for it. Replace it in your cooking for a tasty alternative.

3 – Light Your Way

If your flashlight dies in a crisis, you can use tallow to help make your very own survival candles. Be sure to make these in advance if possible to prepare for the next crisis.

Take a look at the video below to see one way to make these:

4 – Oil Your Firearm

Animal fat is the perfect consistency to oil up your musket or rifle. No more purchasing specialty gun oil!

5 – Make Pemmican

Pemmican is a survival superfood that every prepper should know about. This incredible dried food combines lean meat with fat, forming a jerky-like snack. Plus, with a shelf-life of up to 50 years, you know it’ll last you through the next crisis.

Use the tallow you already have to add to the pemmican. Also, make sure to choose a lean meat without much fat. This way you won’t have to go through the process of trimming the animal fat first.

6 – Add To Your Baking

Animal fat is so amazing that it can replace vegetable oil in all your recipes. This way you can keep baking your cornbread and other

If you can believe it, there are WAY MORE ways you can use animal fat in a survival situation. According to Survival Sullivan, these uses include:

29 Additional Ways To Use Animal Fat In A Crisis

7. It can be made into soap.

8. Tallow will condition leather making it soft and supple, also waterproof

9. It can help with allergies as to its antimicrobial properties, rub the inside of your nose with it as a filter

10. It can be used as flux to solder

11. Tallow can sooth poison ivy or chicken pox itch

12. It helps nursing moms by providing a natural healthy fat, and can be applied on the perineum to help and sooth the area after birth in humans and animals

13. Tallow helps pregnant mothers by providing energy and nourishment to the baby for proper development, it also helps prevent stretch marks when applied during pregnancy

14. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial so can help kill yeast, candida, and yeast infections

15. It is a good lubrication for moving parts

16. It is a biodegradable motor oil

17. Tallow can replace plants in biodiesel fuel

18. Tallow is good for your skin as is prevents wrinkles and its antioxidant properties infuse it

19. It is an additive for conditioning clothes

20. Tallow was used for makeup, makeup remover and as a night cream

21. It is used in balms as it coats and protects the skin, use it in cold weather to prevent chapping and windrashes.

22. Tallow is a healing salve for rashes and skin irritation

23. It is a good mustache wax and organic shave cream

24. Tallow will keep your weapons from rusting

25. It can be a sun tan oil and it soothes sunburns and increases sun tolerance

26. Tallow can be used to make nails and hair grow faster as its fats and acids composition nourishes them

27. It can be used on babies skin as it is gentle and free of chemicals, so it makes a good diaper cream and baby lotion and it kills cradle cap

28. It can be a natural lice killer when mixed with apple cider vinegar

29. It can be mixed with baking soda for a natural deodorant

30. It is good for insect bites as it coats the skins and soothes the bite site drawing out venom

31. Tallow is a great food supplement for pets

32. Tallow is good for seasoning a cast iron skillet

33. It is good for waterproofing almost anything- fabric, shoes, tents, tools, etc

34. Tallow mixes are still used as a projectile lubricant in present day black powder guns

35. It is good for woodworking by using screws and brass fittings with wood as it prevents corrosion and screw breakage

Where To Get Free Animal Fat

Isn’t it incredible how many ways we can use animal fat for survival? And, even better, most of the time you can get it for cheap (if not free!).

A great way to stock up is to ask a few friends to save the animal fat for you when they’re drumming up dinner. Or, head on over to your local butcher. They may let you have their extra animal fat for free!

Remember to stock up on animal fat now so that you can use it when you need it. Like I always say, Prepare Now, Survive Later!