30 Holiday Gift Ideas For Preppers, Campers & More

If you’ve still got people to shop for, you’ll love this list of holiday gift ideas for preppers, campers and more!It’s a week until Christmas… and my hunch is you haven’t bought all your gifts yet. And (besides the fact that procrastination’s fun) my guess is you haven’t done so because you don’t know what to get certain people on your list.Well, luckily I’m here to help. I’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas for preppers and non-preppers alike. Truly, you don’t have to know the end is near to know these are some excellent gifts!Whether you’re shopping for a prepper, camper, outdoor enthusiast or someone else, this is a great place to start. So without further adieu, here are…

30 Holiday Gift Ideas For Preppers, Campers & More

1 – Tactical Stocking

This is the ultimate Christmas stocking. Not only do these fit candy and small gifts inside, but they also contain MOLLE attachments on the outside (allowing it to hold even more stuff!).

2 – Solar Charger

If power goes out (or they go off-grid) you’ll be super glad to have this effective way of charging your devices!

3 – Weatherproof Matches

Come rain, snow, sleet, wind, etc. there’s no better tool for lighting a fire. Undeniably useful!

4 – Portable Car Jump Starter

Get a pocket-sized ones with mini jumper cables. The power pack is attached, meaning you no longer need to hook the cables to another car to start your vehicle! Ingenious for when you’re stranded on the side of the road.

5 – Emergency Sleeping Bag

Also known as “bivvy bags.” Extremely lightweight material reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. Ideal for wintery, freezing conditions to save you from hypothermia.

6 – Survival Shovel

Oftentimes survival shovels have replaceable parts, allowing them to have multiple uses. These can include a saw, axe, pickaxe and more. Great for completing lots of different tasks.

7 – Portable Water Filter

LifeStraws and other portable water filters are excellent for the prepper/hiker/camper on the go. They filter out over 99% of bacteria, giving you pure drinking water in seconds.

8 – Pocket Stove

Want a portable stove that fits in your pocket? You’ll love how these produce enough heat to boil water and/or cook survival food in the great outdoors.

9 – Tactical Flashlight

These produce enough light to see your way in the darkness, while also giving you the ability to defend yourself from attackers. A win-win!

10 – Fire Starters

Whether you’re camping, hiking or bugging out everyone needs a variety of ways to start a fire.

11 – Bug Out Bag

This is a great gift for the prepper you know who’s been stockpiling all their stuff (but has no place to put the essentials).

12 – Lightweight Dry Bags

These are essentials for keeping your survival gear and supplies safe and dry in the event of a flood or rainstorm.

13 – Canned Meat

This one may seem odd, but if you find the right brand this survival food can be a godsend. These last for over 25 years (perfect for stockpiling) and often come in a variety of types such as chicken, pork, turkey, beef, ground beef, and more.

14 – Hand Warmers

Whether you opt for rechargeable hand warmers or the plain pouch kind, there’s no doubt these are the perfect survival tool on a cold, snowy evening. Keep them in your car, in your bug out bag/survival kit, and at the house when your spouse refuses to turn up the thermostat.

15 – Solo Bivvy Tent

This is the perfect survival tool for the solo camper. Comfortably fits one person and is extremely easy to set up.

16 – Solar Lantern

An excellent lighting source when you need it most. Charged by the power of the sun to give you hours of use.

17 – USB Rechargeable Batteries

These ingenious devices save you tons of money. Why? Because rather than buying new batteries when your old ones die, you can recharge these batteries with a simple USB charger. Brilliant!

18 – Solar Power Bank

Last time I checked there weren’t any power outlets in the woods. However, with a solar power bank you can charge your phone no matter where you are.

19 – Pocket Radio

This compact radio can broadcast your favorite tunes while also giving you weather updates, news, traffic updates and other useful information.

20 – Tactical Backpack

With MOLLE attachments and water resistance, nothing beats a tactical backpack for camping, hunting, hiking and bugging out in the great outdoors.

21 – Water Bladder

These things are insanely useful. Fill it with clean, pure drinking water and place it into a backpack for all-day hydration on the go.

22 – Grappling Hook

Here’s an exciting survival item. With this ingenious survival tool you can keep food out of the reach of bears, keep yourself stable while hiking and pick up fallen gear while in a tree stand. Whatever method you choose, you’re bound to get a lot of use out of it.

23 – Mountain House Survival Food

It just doesn’t get simpler than Mountain House when it comes to eating on your next camping/bug out trip. Simply open the bag, add boiling hot water, stir, close the bag, and wait a few minutes. You’ll have a piping hot meal ready to eat in no time.

24 – Emergency Whistle

Need to call for help or cause a distraction? An emergency whistle can do both – and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket without issue.

25 – A Durable & Waterproof Phone Case

A cell phone is an incredible survival tool in a crisis. But it’s useless if you dropped it in water. Invest in a super durable and waterproof case to keep your phone running smoothly when you need it most.

26 – Survival Playing Cards

These are excellent for introducing non-preppers to the art of prepping and survival… without scaring them off. These are normal playing cards with a twist – each card lists a survival scenario – leaving YOU to determine how you would survive! It’s fun for the whole family (and tests how prepared you REALLY are!).

27 – Durable Lighter

When it comes to starting fires, nothing’s easier than starting it with a lighter. With the push of a button you’ll have heat, light and warmed up food in no time.

28 – 550 Paracord

This ingenious survival tool can help you build a shelter, tie a raft, repair glasses, and so much more. See our survival article on 45 ways to use it right here.

29 – Glow In The Dark Pocket Compass

GPS only lasts until your signal dies out. Thankfully, you can find your way day or night with this handy dandy compass.

30 – Wallet Tool/Multi-Tool

These survival tools are incredibly useful. That’s because you can complete a variety of tasks with one single device. Options include things like:

  • Can Opener
  • Wrench
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw Blade
  • Ruler

… and more!