7 – Create A Windproof Match

Need to light a match in the wind? Not a problem. Take your knife and start at the tip of the match, cutting downward so that shards start to curl around the match (but don’t fall off). Do this in three different sections of the match. Then light it – you’ll be amazed at how it stays lit, even in the wind.

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done:

8 – Stop The Flies

If you’re sick of flies hanging around your garbage, simply pour a bit of borax powder onto the trash bags once a day. This will help stop the flies from breeding.

9 – Use Your Analog Watch For Directions

If you’ve got an analog watch, hold it in your hand, and aim the hour hand so it’s pointing at the sun. Then pick up a blade of grass and lay it crosswise between the hour hand and the number 12. The end of the piece of grass will point South.

10 – Ease Mucus Buildup

You likely won’t have access to medications when SHTF, so this will be your next best bet. Take a pinch of salt and breathe it in through your nostrils. Then gargle some water, being careful not to swallow. Repeat this process once a day, and your mucus should clear up.

11 – Find The Lost Trail

Imagine that you’ve been searching for your lost family member (or dog), and you’ve somehow lost the trail. To find it, go back to the last footprint of theirs you found. Then slowly walk in a circle around it, at various distances. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to find the trail and get back on track.

12 – Clean Out Your Bottles

Dirt, debris, and stains can settle at the end of a bottle and can be tough to clean out. However, things get much easier when you scoop some sand into the bottle, and then swish it around with water. Rinse it out, and let it dry. You’ll find the mess at the bottom of the bottle is now gone.

13 – Filter Water

Here’s a cool trick. If you want to filter your water, you can cut a hole at the bottom of a zinc bucket, and push a small pipe into the hole. Then fill the bucket with the following materials (in order): big rocks, little rocks, coarse sand, fine sand. Then pour dirty water into the top of the bucket – you’ll find the water that comes out through the pipe runs clear.

14 – Easily Cut Down Trees

Cutting down trees just got a lot easier. Begin chopping until you’ve reached the middle of the tree. Then walk to the other side, and start chopping a few inches higher than your initial cut. Finally, wrap some rope around the trunk and pull it down. This not only makes chopping easier, but it also gives you more control over where the tree lands.

15 – Get The Splinter Out

Splinters are just plain annoying, and digging them out can be painful (and a huge waste of time). Luckily, there’s a pain-free way to get them out.

Take a bottle and fill it with steaming hot water (leave a couple inches of room at the top). Then turn the bottle over and press it firmly against the splinter. The steam will slowly loosen up the splinter, and the suction will extract it.