10 Les Stroud Survival Tips (Part One)

Les Stroud survival tips

Ready for some Les Stroud survival tips?

You may know Les Stroud from his popular Discovery Channel show Survivorman. This outdoorsman and survival expert became stranded in various remote locations for a week at a time – all with zero supplies or equipment (except for his one-man camera rig) – and showed viewers how to survive some of the bleakest conditions.

The show wasn’t just great for entertainment – Les Stroud actually followed his own survival advice and made it through some true SHTF scenarios. And you’re about to discover some of his top survival advice. 

10 Les Stroud Survival Tips (Part One)

*** Keep in mind this is Part One of a two-part series. So for now, pay attention to these top survival tips and start getting prepared!***

Start A Smoke Signal ASAP

Need to get a smoke signal in a hurry? Grab some damp wood chips and toss them on your fire. This will cause billowing smoke to appear, and help you be seen by rescue teams. Have these on hand at all times in case you need them.

Easy Mosquito Repellant

Don’t want to be bitten by disease-carrying mosquitos? Smear mud all over your face and exposed skin. This will create a barrier between you and the insects. It’ll also cover up your scent, making you less of a tasty treat.

Clothes with a super smokey smell will also help keep the bugs away. Hold them high over your fire to help you get the upper hand.

Multi-Tool Is The Best Tool

Very few survival tools are as versatile and incredible as the multitool. These take up very little space in your pack, and typically have at least 8 different uses (though some of many more) to help you out in an emergency. Grab a couple and keep them on you at all times.

Less Water = Less Food

Short on water? Eat less food. Since digestion requires water to break down foods, you won’t put strain on your digestion by eating lots more than it can handle.

Not to mention, many of us sip on water as we eat, thinking nothing of it. However, this isn’t a great idea (especially in a survival situation). It’s easy to get distracted when we eat, and we might consume more water in the process. Not to mention, your salivary glands naturally work to break down food. By drinking water with food, you’re not allowing them to do their job.

When To Take A Sip

If you can access water easily (i.e: nearby reservoir) go ahead and take a drink every 30 minutes or so. This will help slow your hunger, and flush out contaminants in the body.

Signal For The First 72 Hours

You’re most likely to get rescued in the first 3 days of an emergency. So make sure to make signals during that time to improve your chances of being rescued.

Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat

Don’t allow yourself to sweat when it’s cold outside. This sweat will make you colder, and your body will have to work overtime to keep your warm. Dry off the sweat as much as possible.

Be Smart When Breaking Branches

Breaking branches with your hands can be dangerous. Instead, snap them between two trees. This will help you avoid unnecessary injury.

Cool Boiling Trick

Having trouble boiling water in a container? Put those rocks on the fire, and then add them to the hot water to help it boil.

Know The 5 Ws
Always remember the 5 Ws in a survival situation:
  • Weather (What’s it like in your area? What are the trends?)
  • Wood (How much is available for wood/shelter? Where can you store it safely?)
  • Watch out for Wigglies (especially ones that can bite and/or poison you)
  • Widowmakers (be on the lookout – these dead trees can fall on your campsite)
  • Water (where is it? How are you going to make it drinkable? How much is there? Where else can you find it?)

Is that all the Les Stroud Survival Tips? Heck no. We’ll have another blog out in a couple days with more cool survival tips! Until then, prepare!