10 Interesting Ways Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life


Seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. And, although they often get a bad reputation for being “addictive” and sucking away time and  productivity, the fact is they can be a real lifesaver in a crisis.

Sure, you can use your cellphone to call 911 in an emergency (and you should). But there’s A LOT more things you can do on your phone to ensure you stay safe in an SHTF event.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you don’t necessarily have to run out and get one. However, you may just want to after reading these…

10 Interesting Ways Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life

1 – Have The Red Cross In Your Pocket

Injuries in the field are no laughing matter, and they can truly mean the difference between life and death. In order to better prepare, download the American Red Cross First Aid app. This gives you an extensive list of first aid procedures that you can perform in a crisis. It also gives you lots of info on how to help treat fevers, broken bones, and heart attacks. .

2 – Forage For Berries

Not sure if those berries are edible? Check the Wild Edibles app. This incredible app showcases up to eight images of over 200 wild plants. It also tells you if they are edible or not, as well as how to find them, identify them, harvest them, and prepare them safely.

3 – Light The Way

Complete darkness is not only scary at times, but it can also be downright dangerous. After all, animals and attackers can come without you expecting it. To prepare for this, make sure to use the Flashlight or Brightest Flashlight app on your phone. This will light up your surroundings, and works just as well as most flashlights on the market!

4 – Find A Signal

There’s few things more frustrating than being in an emergency with no cell signal. To help ease the frustration, make sure to download the BootPrint Pocket Survival app. It’ll show you the most recent location that your phone was able to pick up a signal. You can even use a compass to get back there quickly.

5 – Tie A Knot

Unless you remember all your Boy Scout training, it can be difficult to recall just how to tie a variety of knots. Never fear – simply download the Knots 3D app to help you out. This handy app shows 3D pictures of over 80 types of knots, and also gives detailed instructions on how to tie them.

6 – Navigate Your Way Out

Make sure to download an offline map of your destination before you get there. That way, if you have no signal, you can still find your exact location (thanks to GPS) and navigate your way around.

To do this, simply search for your destination on your phone’s map, drag out until you can see the entire area, and then click the bar at the top, and select “Save map to use offline.” Easy!

7 – Stop A Shooter In Their Tracks

Ever heard of Guardly? They’ve got an app that will easily help save your life in a variety of emergencies (including being in a building with an active shooter). Watch the video to learn more:

8 – Remember The Basics

It’s easy to read about survival basics online, but these can be difficult to remember when you’re in the middle of an emergency. To help yourself out, make sure to download the SAS Survival Guide App.

This is like having a survival expert right in your pocket. The app offers 400 pages of valuable information, such as where to look for water, how to start a fire, how to identify animal tracks (and how to stalk the animal), and how to tell which plants are edible.

9 – Have Your Documents Ready

Documents such as birth certificates and IDs can be crucial in an SHTF event. However, it seems like most preppers forget to bring these along. Never fear – simply store these important documents in your Dropbox app. Then, when you need them, just open the app and pull the documents up on your screen.

10 – Be Smart About Your Storage

Thanks to the Proclivus app, you no longer need to jump from app to app to get all your survival information. That’s because Proclivus already contains a compilation of the best survival info on the web. Better yet, it’s completely free!


There’s way more apps that are handy for survival than the ones we have above. Here are 25 more you can download today to help save your life in a crisis:

By knowing how to prepare your phone for survival, you can be exponentially more ready for what’s up ahead. As always, Prepare Now, Survive Later!