How “Fake Survival Food” Increases Your Survival Odds

Do you know about fake survival food? If not, you’re in danger of losing your entire food stash when SHTF!
Every good prepper knows the importance of a survival food stockpile. This collection of food is literally the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.
However, that’s where most preppers stop. They don’t consider that there’s something equally as important as survival food in a crisis.
And that’s DECOY survival food. Without a good amount of decoy survival food strategically in place, you’re basically opening up your home/camp for marauders, pillagers, looters, and thieves to come in and steal your stockpile.
The Best Decoy Food On The Market
Considering that the grocery store shelves will be empty within hours of a major crisis, it’ll be every man for themselves at that point. Even your neighbors might run out of food and come pounding down your door looking for sustenance.
When an emergency situation occurs you won’t have the luxury of making mistakes – especially when it comes to your stockpile. That’s why you need to learn….

How “Fake Survival Food” Increases Your Survival Odds

The Purpose Of Decoy Food

Although it seems counterintuitive, decoy survival food is a supply of real food you actually want thieves to take. And it’s this way for one simple reason.

You can’t defend your homestead 100% from looters and thieves (especially in a survival situation). If they want to break into your home badly enough, they’ll do it.

However, when they come looking for food, and find your fake survival food stash, they’ll think they hit the jackpot.

By putting this fake food in your pantry and cupboards – and hiding your REAL stash somewhere safe – the thieves will likely think they’re leaving you with nothing. When, in truth, they’re not even making off with a fraction of your food supply.

This Decoy Food Tastes So Good You’ll Want To Keep It All For Yourself

Not to mention, if numerous thieves are pillaging bug out camps, the looters that come next will likely just think that others got to your food supply first, and will move on.

One important thing to remember about decoy food is that it needs to look like the real deal. What do I mean by that? Make sure your decoy supply is full of high-quality brand foods, such as Mountain House, Survival Cave, Legacy Foods, etc.

The point of this is that, if you just throw a few cheap items on the counter, the thieves will probably get suspicious. So, although it costs a little more, it’s well-worth it to do what you can to ensure thieves think they’re really leaving you high and dry.

Here’s an informational video that explains a little more about fake survival food. It even talks about how you can use a similar process for your valuables.

Where To Get Fake Survival Food

It can be a hard sell to go spend a ton of money on fake survival food. After all, you’re not going to end up eating – so why spend all your hard-won income?

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a lot of money (or any, in some cases) in order to take advantage of this “decoy food ploy.” Here’s just a few places you can likely find fake survival foods:

  • The dollar store
  • Clearance grocery aisles
  • Garage sales (especially for cans of food)
  • Trash receptacles
  • Recycling centers
  • Friends, coworkers, neighbors (just don’t tell them what it’s for)
You can also get Free Decoy Survival Food Here. But it tastes so good you may just want to add it to your normal stockpile (we won’t judge).

Survival Tip: When purchasing decoy food, make sure to get a good variety of different foods. I’m talking canned meats, freeze-dried meals, veggies and fruits, dry items (like rice and beans), bottles of water, etc. If you want thieves to think they’re taking your entire stockpile, you should make it look convincing.

Where To Put Decoy Food

If you want your fake survival food to look like the real deal, you’ll need to plant it in the most common areas of your home. Place your decoy supply in your kitchen cabinets, pantry, etc. Anywhere you would normally put food.

Then, hide your real stockpile in a place nobody would expect.

Don’t wait for S to HTF before preparing for disaster! Stock up on Free Decoy Survival Food Here before a major emergency hits!

4 Responses
  • longshorts
    March 27, 2018

    Bust a few windows, throw some trash leading from your front door and make the place look empty, show no lights at night and NEVER run a generator, let your grass grow long, too. Then the gangs will think your place has already been cleaned out and pass you by to break into someone else’s home. Blend in if you have to go out, wear dirty old clothes and do not wash for a few days so that you look and smell just like the rest of the “have nots”. If you look well fed, clean and freshly washed clothes, you will stand out in a crowd like a bill board saying “come get me”. After things have settled down, maybe have some expired MRE’S to trade, stuff you won’t want to eat. Never boast to your neighbors that you prep, especially do not show them where you have your stash. Remember: “Different is DEAD”. Civil behavior is three meals from being long gone. Don’t have more than one pet, they have to eat, too. Keep them indoors during the day, barking can carry for a mile or more. Practice using only one shot to get wild game as two shots will give you up just like that bill board. Wait until you are so close you can’t miss before taking the shot. Also, you can eat dog and cat just like the Asians do. If you have kids, you will.

    When doing “bug out” bags, anything more than you can carry easily is dangerous, and you better have a pair of good long wearing shoes, too. Have practice at bugging out, spend three day outings with family during all sorts of weather. WALK from home off road so that you not only get practice using your stuff, but toughen up everybody so they can actually walk some distance without leaving a clear trail. EVERYBODY carries something, even small children – this may sound hard, but it teaches them at an early age to get on the program. If you use a bug out truck or SUV drive until you can’t get fuel on back roads away from towns, then abandon it and thank God you got so far. Beware of traps by gangs, they can be very smart. Get a very good pair of binoculars and USE them. Scout out your path before you get on it. Keep scouting with the binocs ahead of you every half hour and use your ears for unusual noises. No noise from wild birds means trouble, go to ground and stay there. Sudden noises from birds flying away suddenly means trouble, too. Someone is around you, maybe looking right at you! Move slowly so you do not attract attention from wild animals or birds. Buy survival books from known authors, don’t buy “packages” online, most have advice that is worthless and maybe get you killed. I am not responsible for your mistakes, do want works out for you.

  • Lori T.
    March 27, 2018

    Good article. I know exactly what I will be using. Old survival food that I have loads of #10 cans of. It was food I bought about 10 years ago and was only meant to last for around 5 years. It is not packaged in the new Mylar packaging of today that now lasts 25 years. I was trying to find a good use for these older cans, now I have one! Thanks for the tip!

  • Rev. L.F.S. (the messenger)
    March 28, 2018

    You should not entice someone to steal a food or weapons ammo supply. These should be securely sealed and buried at another location for retrieval at a later time. Not to far from your safe house. If someone breaks in you do not want them to find anything and have them thinking of a return trip to gather more. Your idea was DEAD wrong, they will end up killing you over this suggestion you tell everyone about. So revise your thinking and withdraw your stupid controversial statement before your personally responsible for killing people. I’m a professional survivalist and Shannon that has great theologian experiences and knowledge. I know how and what people will do in a pinch and your guidance all in all is completely ignorant of what people will do or think. You need to be highly trained and a theologian with experiences in these fields or you WILL KILL someone that takes your less then favorable advise.if you really care withdraw and rethink before you end up killing people trying to survive what could be the end of their lives. You wanted input now you have it. You ate total wrong and your theory of what will happen and what people will do, is also very flawed. I’m a Christain Minister, ordained and versed in theology of human behavior. I suggest you find strong .well knowledgeable people to lead this type of staging. You need to take many courses on humanity and behavioral aspects before you give advise like this. You will kill all who follow your advice and have this to haunt your soul for an eternity. Get with the program and revise with proper authority in this behavioral aspect to what will happen. Do not just give people your thoughtful advise, as it is wrong. Don’t believe me. Fine, I suggest you contact the FBI behavioral unit and ask them. You will be advised the same way. You are not qualified to give this type of advise and you are WRONG.
    Have a blessed day and pray you haven’t lead someone or many to what could be a grave disaster in the making of your misinformed advise.

  • David B.
    March 28, 2018

    I am new to prepping and these articles are more important than regular preppers may think. Just wanted to drop a lines and say thanks for steering mein a solid overall effort in planning.