Everyday Carry Essentials (9 Must-Have EDC Items)

Does everyday carry (EDC) gear give you a superpower?

Probably not. But it can make you feel like you have one! 

While EDC is a relatively new term, the idea is as old as time. Whether it’s our prehistoric ancestors, pioneer forefathers, or folks today, people carry the stuff they need to make their daily tasks easier.

The idea behind everyday carry is to make thoughtful choices about what you carry to maximize the benefits. When you do that successfully, then you really will feel like you have a superpower!

So, let’s start exploring the benefits of everyday carry, how to choose the best items, and check out some must-have EDC essentials!

Everyday Carry Essentials (9 Must-Have EDC Items) is written by Easy Emergency Plan for www.easyemergencyplan.com