Eight Essentials for an Emergency Go-Bag

Hurricane season has started earlier this year, and wildfire season is unfortunately just around the corner.  Summer is the perfect time to build out a go-bag of supplies in preparation for any emergency that may arise.

It is never too early to prepare.  When assembling your go-bag, recommendations suggest that you have enough content to survive for up to three days. There are a few items that are essentials to have on hand and to include in your supplies.  Make sure you have supplies for your pets who will be with you as well.

Food And Water

It is crucial to remember that the contents of your go-bag will need to last each member of your family for three days.  As a rule, you will need one gallon of water per person per day.  Non-perishable food that will not require any water or the need to be cooked is the best choice.  Make sure to include those items such as plates, silverware, and a manual can opener.  A good emergency food staple for any go-bag is that of protein bars.

Personal Items

Don’t forget to pack such needed personal items as eyeglasses, contact cleaner, hygiene items, and medications.  Those with young or infant children, make sure to accommodate room for diapers, formula, and baby food.


You will need to make sure to pack three days worth of clothing for every family member.  Make sure to accommodate the type of clothing to the time of year and temperature.  You do not want to pack your go-bag with summer clothes and use them in the winter, and vice versa.  Make sure to include sturdy shoes and hats for each family member as well.

Safety Items

Every go-bag must contain a selection of safety supplies.  Such supplies may include, but not be limited to, a first aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, a waterproof container of matches, and a whistle.  Other suggested items include a roll of sturdy, strong tape, some plastic sheeting, and a selection of tools.

Means Of Communications

Although we live in a world dependent on cell phones, in the case of an emergency, those items of convenience may let us down.  That is why, when if the power goes out, a radio that is either battery-operated or hand-cranked will quickly become your best resource.  Two-way radios are also an option if such situations arise.


One of your most valuable resources to include in your go-bag is that of a map.  Take the time beforehand to highlight all of the possible evacuation routes you may use so that your prepared to move when the time comes.


Smaller bills of cash should be kept on hand, and stashed in your go-bag.  If the power is out, a quick stop at your local ATM will not be possible.  The same goes for credit cards.  If all of the systems are down, having cash on hand will be the only means to purchase what you will need.

Plan For Your Pet

If you include your pet in your evacuation, make sure to make accommodations for them as well.  Include a recent copy of their vaccination records, as well as pet food, a water bowl, a leash, and a bed.  As with your other family members, you need to make sure to include up to three days’ worth of food and supplies for your furry family member.

It is in your best interest to prepare with the recent increase in hurricanes, wildfires, and even active shooters.  Assembling your go-bag today will make you all that much more prepared tomorrow if the need arises.