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Belize Central Prison Holds Its First Officer Graduation

The Belize Central Prison hosted its first-time ever online corrections academy graduation on October 20, 2022, for the first graduating class of 27 staff members. Corrections One Academy training is available through a one-year contract, and 30 prison officers may go through the training at a time. The graduation was a special event attended by Belize’s media outlets and prison managers.

How This Training for Belize Central Prison Happened 

The Belize Central Prison, the only prison in Belize, is a shining beacon for effective prison management in the Americas. The Kolbe Foundation, a faith-based, non-profit organization, operates this prison for the government of Belize. In 2002, the Kolbe Foundation took over the prison’s management due to its deplorable conditions and has significantly altered the lives of inmates and corrections officers.

The Kolbe Foundation has maintained a low recidivism rate of around 10% through effective faith-based rehabilitation programs that helps inmates address and resolve the factors that led them to prison, such as drug addiction, anger problems, and a lack of employment opportunities. The Kolbe Foundation accomplishes this goal by using counseling programs and teaching inmates trade skills that they can use obtain gainful employment upon release.

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What is most remarkable about this transformation is that the Kolbe Foundation has accomplished it with very limited financial resources. To manage the prison, the Kolbe Foundation receives around $9 USD per day per inmate. To put that into perspective, the United States spends $107.85 per day per federal inmate, according to the Federal Register.

One consequence of having such a limited budget is that Belize Central Prison does not have extra funds for training. However, this training is essential to provide inmates with adequate care – including the proper treatment of inmates within the prison – and to equip prison officers with the necessary knowledge to effectively perform their duties.

Getting to Know the Inmates and Officers of Belize Central Prison 

In February of 2019, I toured Belize Central Prison. I also got to know the Kolbe Foundation staff and spoke to inmates who have had their lives turned around because of the rehabilitation offered by the Kolbe Foundation. As a result, I became more involved in helping Belize Central Prison to meet its training needs in any way that I possibly can.

Over the past two years, my church and I formed small teams from Southwest Florida who came to Belize Central Prison. Our teams provided various training to the prison’s 250 staff members in areas such as emergency response, CPR, first aid, defensive tactics, personal finances and leadership. While we received positive feedback on our training, more training was needed than what we could provide as a small team.

Providing Online Training for Officers through Church Sponsorship 

In April of 2022, my church, Grace Community Bible Church, sponsored the first-time online corrections academy training for the prison staff of the Belize Central Prison. This training was provided through Corrections One Academy and offered in-depth training in various areas, such as:

  • Professional skills
  • General safety for inmates and staff
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Ethical behavior for corrections officers
  • Contraband control
  • Corrections officer safety
  • Basic prison security principles
  • Dispute resolution
  • Crisis management
  • Communication skills
  • Effective supervision of inmates
  • Managing security threats in the prison setting
  • Working with juvenile offenders
  • Mental health for inmates
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Patrol procedures

A Celebration for the Graduating Officers 

During the graduation, there were several speakers. Belize Central Prison’s director Virgilio Murillo, Kolbe Foundation board member Francis Woods, and I discussed the importance of this valuable training and how it has had a positive impact on daily operations at Belize Central Prison.

Prison director Virgilio Murillo during his speech. Image courtesy of author.
Belize Central Prison officer graduation
Francis Woods of the Kolbe Foundations offers some remarks. Image courtesy of author.
My turn at the podium. Image courtesy of author.

Virgilio Murillo noted, “With my 20 years of prison experience and as Director of the prison for the last eight (8) years, I can attest that training for staff is the most important attribute in a prison environment, considering that all of society’s social ills are dumped on us. Let us not forget that the prison is the final sanction available to the courts to manage those persons who often has failed alternative punishments and prison staff plays a key role in this.

“In this environment there is a dire need for prison staff to respect inmates’ human rights and the rule of law; therefore, we cannot overemphasize the need for professionalism! This training, therefore, could not have been more appropriate and timelier as we are now seeing a higher level of knowledge and professionalism amongst those employees who have graduated thus far.

“It is our aspiration to continue professionalizing our staff so that they can continue impacting lives and doing the right thing. We are also hopeful that by the time the one-year contract expires, we can have the entire 250 staff graduate the training courses. In the event this does not happen, at least we can get it renewed for new staff as well as for refresher training courses for our career prison officers.”

We commended prison officers for their efforts in completing the training, which has helped to strengthen the mission of the Kolbe Foundation in “Providing a secure, humane facility geared towards meaningful rehabilitation and successful reintegration.”

Also, we invited each member of the inaugural graduating class in Belize onto the stage to receive a graduation certificate. Here are some of the graduates:

In total, 27 prison officers graduated in Belize in the first class. This rate of graduation is a major accomplishment, since each officer had to take 30 courses. In addition, each officer graduated with an 85% GPA or higher.

Officer Training Will Continue 

This training opportunity for Belize Central Prison officers is ongoing and the next group of officers will graduate on December 15, 2022. The prison officers, prison management and I are very grateful to Grace Community Bible Church for making this first-time ever training at Belize Central Prison possible.

The efforts to support the Kolbe Foundation’s mission are continuing. If you are interested in in getting involved in Belize Central Prison’s training or providing support to the prison, you are welcome to contact me.

Belize Central Prison Holds Its First Officer Graduation is written by Dr. Jarrod Sadulski for

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What Will YOUR Family Do When Chinese Communists Disrupt America’s Food Supply?​

Survival Cave Food is here.

In these uncertain times, safeguarding your family’s well-being is paramount. As patriots deeply concerned about the international situation, particularly the potential for disruptions to the world’s food supply orchestrated by the Communist Party of China, you understand the urgency of preparedness. At Survival Cave Food, we share your concerns and offer a solution to ensure your loved ones are well-equipped to weather any storm.

Why Survival Cave Food?

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A Reliable Source in Unpredictable Times

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Supporting Your Journey of Self-Sufficiency

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2A UNDER ATTACK! Credit Card Company To Start Tracking Gun Sales

2A UNDER ATTACK! Credit Card Company To Start Tracking Gun Sales

( – Discover will be the first credit card company to track gun transactions made by its customers starting in April 2023.

On September 11, 2022, Breitbart News reported Visa gave in to pressure from groups that want stricter gun laws and New York Democrats and agreed to use a new sales classification system to find transactions involving guns and ammunition.

According to the Associated Press, MasterCard and other significant credit companies have also agreed to alert authorities to gun transactions.

The Independent Journal Review (IJR) wrote an article on March 2, 2023, that said Discover will be the first credit card company to track gun purchases, starting in April.

IJR stated, “Starting in April, anyone using a Discover card to make a transaction in a gun store will have that purchase recorded.”

According to reports, Discover cards are used by more than 55 million people, so just one business has a lot of information about gun transactions.

Reuters says that Discover Financial Services was the first of its competitors to make a public announcement about when the initiative.

This is meant to help police investigate gun-related crimes, will start in February 2023.

Discover would “allow its network to track purchases at gun retailers come April,” making it the first among its peers.

According to Discover,

“We remain committed on maintaining our commitment to preserving and supporting legal purchases on our network while protecting cardholder privacy.”

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) authorized the code in September 2022.

A spokesman for the ISO said, “Users in the industry will decide whether or not to use the new merchant category code.”

Do credit card companies track gun purchases?

Copyright 2023,

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Evacuation Planning for Families

Emergencies can be highly unpredictable. You could be well-prepared for a crisis, but if there’s an earthquake and the house comes crumbling down… whatever food and water supplies you’ve stored will be destroyed.

Evacuation Planning for Families

Emergencies can be highly unpredictable. You could be well-prepared for a crisis, but if there’s an earthquake and the house comes crumbling down… whatever food and water supplies you’ve stored will be destroyed. The structural integrity of the house will be compromised, and you’ll not be able to stay there, you’ll have no choice but to evacuate. Based on this scenario, every prepper needs to have an evacuation plan. This article will give you a few points to bear in mind when formulating your plan.

  • Proximity
    During a catastrophe, roads may be impassable. The area could be flooded. Your car may be damaged, etc. How close will your shelter be?
    Do you have family, friends or even neighbors who are nearby and could take you in? Is it within walking distance or will you need a vehicle to get there?
  • Is your family aware?
    A plan is only good when everyone is onboard and knows what’s going on. What if your spouse is at work? If the kids are at a friend’s house, do they know what to do? Will everyone meet at home and evacuate, or will they meet you at the secondary location?
    During a crisis, there’s often little time to think. Contacting your family members may not be possible if they don’t have access to a phone. Any of these scenarios could happen, and they usually do. So, stay prepared and rehearse well.
  • Be detailed
    Ensure that all family members from the children to the adults have a laminated card with a list of all the family members and their contact information. If anyone is alone and injured, first responders will know how to reach the next of kin.
    If there’s panic and everyone is scrambling for their lives, as would happen in a tsunami, you may lose sight of a family member or two when the situation is chaotic. With these details, there’s a much higher chance of finding them sooner and getting to a safe place as a family as soon as possible.
  • Communication
    During a crisis there must be a plan of communication. If everyone is calling the same person for information, calls may not go through or be delayed. One way to do it if you have children, will be for one or two children to call the mother while another child calls the father.
    If calls don’t work, ask them to try texting. It will be good to have codes that everyone remembers so that you do not have to send long texts to get your message across.
  • Kits
    It goes without saying that every family member needs a bug out bag or a grab bag that they can grab and go in an emergency. The grab bag will contain supplies such as food, water and other items that will help you get through the next 72-hours without much hassle.
  • Pets
    If you have pets, you will need to evacuate them too. While you can’t move an aquarium, you can save your cat, dog, hamster or rabbit away from danger. You’ll need food supplies for them in your grab bag, and a portable carrier to transport the pet.
    It’s good to bring a tent or small shelter for them to stay warm and dry in. Evacuation shelters may not allow pets. If you must leave them outside, they’ll be sheltered, and you can still check on them at regular intervals.

Observe these tips when creating your evacuation plan. It’s imperative that you have a good plan and a good support network. Get to know the people around your neighborhood well. These are the people who will most likely be able to help you in an emergency, and vice-versa. No man is an island.

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