An Analysis of Her Autopsy Report – Part V 

This is the fifth in a series of articles reviewing and analyzing the facts and evidence related to the death of Judy Petty. Read the first article to learn about the facts and timeline surrounding Judy’s death. Read the second article for information on the initial investigation conducted by police and the fire department). The third article and fourth article provide a look at our team’s recent on-the-ground investigation. 

Judy Petty, a resident of Parkersburg, West Virginia, disappeared on February 6, 2008. Two days later, her father discovered Judy’s burnt remains in the cellar of an outbuilding on an uninhabited piece of property owned by Judy’s family. Although her body was extensively charred, authorities conducted an autopsy, and her remains were sent to the Smithsonian for anthropological analysis. 

An Analysis of Her Autopsy Report – Part V  is written by Jennifer Bucholtz for