Democrats Send Clear Message That They Have Had Enough Of The Progressive Agenda

California primary results have signaled that even the most liberal voters have limits. Their votes signaled they have had enough record crime, homelessness, inflation, and fuel prices.

In the liberal safe haven of San Francisco, voters recalled extreme reformist District Attorney Chesa Boudin (D). His criminal justice and police reforms infuriated residents who saw policies like cash bail stripped away under his tenure.

In the Los Angeles mayoral race, Rick Caruso a Republican-turned-Democrat had a surprisingly strong showing with his tough on crime platform. He will face Karen Bass (D-Calif), who has built a progressive reputation.

They will face off in a runoff election.

All this on the heels of this primary’s biggest blow to Progressives. Anti-Abortion rights Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) defeated activist attorney Jessica Cisneros in the bid for Texas’s 28th Congressional District.

But the bleeding didn’t stop there. Just the week prior, Justice Democrats- backed Rana Abdelhamid suspended her House bid due to lack of support in New York.

In one of the few victories for liberals, President Biden policy obstructionist Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) lost to challenger Jamie Mcleod- Skinner in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. This took the endorsement of President Biden.

Schrader was one of only two lawmakers that President Biden endorsed.

With every win there seems to be a significant loss for the Progressive movement.

In each of these losses, crime dominated the discussion. Policies such as “defund the police”, one of the left’s biggest vulnerabilities proved to be a losing one in the ballot box. Moderates’ warnings of Progressives being out of touch were validated but ignored during the campaigns of the losses.

Back in San Francisco, Boudin a national star for the liberal agenda, initially had activists and Progressive office holders embracing his platform. After crime waves in the city, voters resounding rejected this policy sending a message that their safety was paramount to ideology.

Liberals are struggling to make a case for their Progressive platform in San Francisco and New York. These once proud cities are reeling from policies that are tearing them apart.

Moderates are seeing cracks in the viability and are ready to pounce.

These failures are combined with constant infighting, and the inability to pass any legislation in a Democratic led White House, Congress, and Senate. Progressives are not the only ones in the Democratic Party facing criticism.

President Biden is taking heat from all sides. His ineptitude, and plummeting approval ratings, continue to drop as domestic problems rip through the country.

What strategy will the Democratic party employ? The early signs show the current course is a disaster.

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