survival saws

Survival Saws: What You Need To Know

I think it's absolutely incredible how little preppers know about survival saws. This is crazy to me - especially since this handy survival tool is a huge godsend in a survival situation! Think about it this way - whether...

Seniors Need Dash Cams, the Scary Reason Why

Seniors Need Dash Cams, the Scary Reason Why

If you haven’t heard already, insurance companies all over the world are saying seniors need dash cams. Not because they think seniors are bad drivers. Quite the opposite actually. The reason they say seniors need dashcams is because there are...

Back from Vacation

Wow - A Lot Has Changed Since I Was Gone Hey everyone, long time no talk. As you know, at the beginning of November I followed my physician’s advice and took a vacation. I hadn’t taken a vacation in a...

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