What Most People Get Wrong About Pocket Survival Kits

If you’ve been paying attention to prepping circles for any amount of time, you know the importance of pocket survival kits. Pocket survival kits are one of the most basic and most important first lines of defense against possible...

The Truth about Water Filters Revealed

The Truth about Water Filters Revealed

For a long while, I accidentally repeated a lie about an important piece of survival now it's time the truth about water filters comes out. Now you might think what I'm about to admit is harmless, or even...

This Might Be ISIS’s Most Disturbing Video Ever

This Might Be ISIS’s Most Disturbing Video Ever

WARNING, the subject matter below regarding ISIS's most disturbing video ever will certainly make some people very upset. The video (watch it here) is one of the vilest things I've ever seen. Be warned, it is GRAPHIC! It's because this video exists...

required gun form

This Required Gun Form Should Have You Terrified

America used to be the land of the free. Now it's home to controversial gun laws, constant firearm bans, and one very sketchy (but required) gun form. In the past few decades, Americans have lost numerous second amendment rights. These...

survivalists should invest in gold

The #1 Reason Survivalists Should Invest In Gold

Over the past few months, I've become convinced all survivalists should invest in gold. I wasn't always a strong believer in investing in precious metals like gold. But based on my observations, it's one of the smartest things preppers...

How to Make An Untraceable Ar-15

How to Make An Untraceable Ar-15

I would imagine over the past few years you've heard a lot about the 'untraceable AR-15." If you love guns and don't trust the government then I highly recommend owning one. Even with Trump in office (attacks on gun...

ISIS targeting Christians

ISIS Targeting Christians on Christmas!

Seeing as how there are confirmed plans of ISIS targeting Christians on Christmas so I hope you pay attention to every word. If it doesn't, consider this a warning about ISIS and their plans for American Christians down the...

Digital Pickpocketing, Are You At Risk?

Digital Pickpocketing, Are You At Risk?

Never heard of digital pickpocketing before? Neither have millions of other Americans. Digital pickpocketing is a sneaky and underhanded process where criminals steal information off of your credit/debit card without ever touching it. It's crazy how in this modern age,...

survival uses for survival blankets

Survival Blankets – 10 Insane Survival Uses

Ever wondered if there are actual survival uses for survival blankets? You see them everywhere. And all of the prepping experts (including myself) swear by these blankets. But aside from looking like a really large piece of aluminum foil,...

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