surviving a nuclear explosion

7 Tips For Surviving A Nuclear Explosion

Ever since the Cold War, America has been preparing itself in one way or another for surviving a nuclear explosion. Back in 1945, America created the first nuclear weapons. And ever since then, we (as well as the rest of...


Natural Alternatives to Paracord

Paracord is an absolutely lifesaving survival tool in an emergency situation. Not only will it help you build a shelter, tie down supplies, and mount a sling, but you can also use it for starting fires, fishing, and sewing...

best survival animals

The Best Survival Animals For When SHTF

Some of the best survival animals are the ones that can help you out most once SHTF. Sure, grocery stores are nice, and survival gardens/food preps are essential. However, there may come a time (and probably sooner than you think)...

native american healing

14 Unbelievable Native American Healing Remedies

We're so advanced in technology and medicine nowadays that many preppers don't even consider using Native American healing remedies anymore. And why would we? I mean, with 2017's advancements in health and medical information, we can simply get the...

uses for rice

8 Crazy Survival Uses For Rice

There's lots of uses for rice... but my favorite one is eating it. No questions asked. Rice is by far one of the best survival foods you can have. Not only does it store for years when kept free...

how to make a washing machine

How To Make A Washing Machine For Emergencies

Knowing how to make a washing machine can seriously make or break you in a survival situation. Most preppers underestimate the importance of doing laundry once SHTF. However, this can be one of the most crucial practices in an...

survival saws

Survival Saws: What You Need To Know

I think it's absolutely incredible how little preppers know about survival saws. This is crazy to me - especially since this handy survival tool is a huge godsend in a survival situation! Think about it this way - whether...

survival situations

What To Wear During Survival Situations

Most preppers think they know what to wear in survival situations. And it usually consists of super expensive, "eco-friendly" materials. A lot of preppers (especially women) also fall into the trap of packing a ton of clothing into their...

bugging out

Which States Are Best/Worst For Bugging Out?

I can't tell you how many preppers I meet who think they have it all figured out when it comes to bugging out. They've got their food supply stocked, their survival tools packed, and their bug out bag filled...

food storage

5 Food Storage Methods For Preserving Meat

Food storage is incredibly important for us preppers. It's so crucial because we know that, once SHTF, we won't be able to depend on our normal grocery stores and supply chains to provide us food. Heck, after just three...

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