food storage

5 Food Storage Methods For Preserving Meat

Food storage is incredibly important for us preppers. It's so crucial because we know that, once SHTF, we won't be able to depend on our normal grocery stores and supply chains to provide us food. Heck, after just three...

ways to use bandanas

15 Clever Ways To Use Bandanas Once SHTF

You might be surprised by this, but there's actually a TON of ways to use bandanas in a survival situation. And I'm talkin' about more than just covering your face/mouth/head with it. Bandanas are insanely useful survival tools, and can be...

uses for CDs

5 Uses For CDs In A Survival Situation

Surprisingly enough, there are WAY MORE uses for CDs than just listening to your favorite tunes; in fact, these can really come in handy in a survival situation! Now I understand this may seem like "outdated technology" nowadays -...

Survival Shelters So Cool, They’re Ice Cold

Survival Shelters So Cool, They’re Ice Cold

Whenever we think about surviving the apocalypse, we always think about crazy survival shelters that costs millions of dollars and are buried deep in the ground. If you're like me, you wish you had the money for those kinds of...

Lost Without A Compass? Do This

Lost Without A Compass? Do This

If you're ever lost without a compass then you, my friend, might be screwed. Then again, if you follow the advice inside this blog post you might actually end up doing OK for yourself. Provided you haven't broken any...

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