dog attacks

How To Protect Yourself When A Dog Attacks

We don't talk about dog attacks very often. At least, not when the dog isn't a pit bull or german shepherd. Every OTHER dog breed is man's best friend, right? Not necessarily. Disturbingly, about four and a half million...

fishing hacks

Illegal Fishing Hacks That Work In A Crisis

Now before you read any further, I have to tell you... all of these fishing hacks are absolutely 100% illegal. Whether they're against the law in certain states or in every state, the fact is many of these fishing hacks...

DIY silencer

DIY Plans For A Super Simple DIY Silencer

A DIY silencer is easily one of the most handy inventions ever. Not only do these silencers (aka suppressors) help you keep your location hidden from an attacker, but they are also a great way to sneak up on...

martial law

How To Survive Martial Law

Most preppers want to know how to survive martial law. And this makes since, considering the rocky political climate. However, it's important to remember that martial law can be enforced for other reasons than just war. Some other things...

alternative fuel

An Alternative Fuel Source That Could Save Your Life

I've been around a while, and I've seen alternative fuel sources come and go throughout the years. This makes sense, especially since lots of people have been freaking out about the lack of oil in the world. It seems we've...

surviving a major health crisis

Tips For Surviving A Major Health Crisis

Remember the Ebola scare in 2014? You'll recall that, for a while, our nation was surviving a major health crisis. At the time, victim after victim was diagnosed with this deadly disease. The disease could be transferred easily, and so the...

get internet

How To Get Internet With A Tin Can

Let's face it... it's 2017, we're obsessed with our mobile devices, computers, and laptops, and we'll do just about anything to get internet wherever we go. To be fair, we want to stay connected, we want to be up...

how to make a smoke grenade

How To Make A Smoke Grenade (Legally)

Most people know what smoke grenades are, but don't understand how to make a smoke grenade (legally). See, that's a crying shame to me, since this easy-to-build survival tool could easily save your life in an emergency. Smoke grenades...

uses for black pepper

6 Survival Uses For Black Pepper

One of the tastiest uses for black pepper is by adding it to your favorite dishes. Not many things can beat that extra spicy, flavorful kick black pepper brings to the table. However, did you know there are lots...

mosquito trap

How To Make A DIY Mosquito Trap

Well, spring is officially in full-swing. And that means it's time to make a mosquito trap. Did you know that mosquitos kill approximately 1 million people every single year? These little disease-carriers are menaces to your health. And, problem...

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