native american weapons

Time-Tested Native American Weapons

There are tons of Native American weapons that most of us aren't even aware of (or have totally forgotten about). This is a sad fact, since this means we're having to do without the weaponry that was deemed incredibly...

ways to make money

6 Easy Ways To Make Money For Prepping

Let's be real here - most all of us need to learn some extra ways to make money for prepping. Prepping is a fun, easy, and necessary pastime to prepare for an upcoming emergency. However, the fact is many...

best bug out vehicle

Why A Bicycle Is The Best Bug Out Vehicle

Many preppers want to know what the best bug out vehicle is for gettin' outta dodge.  And most people will tell you it's some sort of huge, rigged out off-road automobile. However, these automobiles pose a lot of problems. For...

how to make seawater drinkable

How To Make Seawater Drinkable

Most preppers have no idea how to make seawater drinkable. And that's a crying shame. That means they're much less likely to survive if they get stranded on an island or at sea. It also means they're depriving themselves of...

survival meats

Pickling Survival Meats To Prepare For When SHTF

When it comes to preserving survival meats, most preppers know how to store their venison, chicken and beef using a canning or dehydrating method. And that works just fine. However, I'm about to introduce you to an entirely different...

surviving a nuclear explosion

7 Tips For Surviving A Nuclear Explosion

Ever since the Cold War, America has been preparing itself in one way or another for surviving a nuclear explosion. Back in 1945, America created the first nuclear weapons. And ever since then, we (as well as the rest of...


Natural Alternatives to Paracord

Paracord is an absolutely lifesaving survival tool in an emergency situation. Not only will it help you build a shelter, tie down supplies, and mount a sling, but you can also use it for starting fires, fishing, and sewing...

best survival animals

The Best Survival Animals For When SHTF

Some of the best survival animals are the ones that can help you out most once SHTF. Sure, grocery stores are nice, and survival gardens/food preps are essential. However, there may come a time (and probably sooner than you think)...

native american healing

14 Unbelievable Native American Healing Remedies

We're so advanced in technology and medicine nowadays that many preppers don't even consider using Native American healing remedies anymore. And why would we? I mean, with 2017's advancements in health and medical information, we can simply get the...

uses for rice

8 Crazy Survival Uses For Rice

There's lots of uses for rice... but my favorite one is eating it. No questions asked. Rice is by far one of the best survival foods you can have. Not only does it store for years when kept free...

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