tips for living off the grid for starters image

Tips For Living Off The Grid For Starters

If you’re reading this blog on the tips for living off the grid for starters, chances are you’ve grown tired of paying exorbitant city taxes in return for nothing. In another stead, you could be sick of the uncontrollable...

building a storm shelter image

Building A Storm Shelter 

  Building a storm shelter may not be necessary for the next ten years… or it may be by next week. We can never tell with these disasters, can we? What we can, however, say is this: knowing how...

living off-grid

The Pros And Cons Of Solar Power

Each time I go to my mailbox and collect my utility bills—power, water, gas, and telephone—I once again think that the move to living off-grid looks more and more appealing.  It seems like every day, the utility companies are...

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Survival Boots When SHTF

Excellent survival boots when SHTF are handy when you're out in the desert, wilderness, rainforest, or mountainous terrain. Whatever it will be, you have to be properly geared and equipped to survive. Nature is a good mom, but she...

a man surviving in the wild by fetching woods

Surviving In The Wild

I understand many of us are keen on surviving in the wild. We all want to explore the wilderness, climb the trees, skin one or two lions, and perhaps stay away from people for a month—typical Buddha style. But...

an image showing one of survival jackets to keep you warm and safe

Survival Jackets To Keep You Warm and Safe

  Survival jackets to keep you warm and safe are an essential part of your wilderness gear. This postulates that wherever you are going, be it the Savannah, Kilimanjaro, or even Sahara, jackets are necessary accessories. Keep in mind...

building shelters in the wild image

Building Shelters In The Wild

  Building shelters in the wild is highly essential to your survival, be it in the wilderness, Sahara, Rainforest Savannah, or Kilimanjaro. The importance of shelter is pronounced when you realize that extreme weather conditions can kill within a...

image showing top 10 essentials for camping

Top 10 Essentials For Camping

  Knowing these top essentials for camping may be the reason your camping experience will be fun. Camping can be fun and thrilling —an adventurous activity with friends and family or a vacation. But, to enjoy this incredible experience,...

seeds for long term storage

Storing Seeds For Long Term

Whether you currently have a garden or want to prepare for the future, it is never too late to start gathering seeds for long term storage.  It is only logical that if there is a shortage of food at...

foraging for mushrooms

How To Sucessfully Forage For Mushrooms 

Foraging for mushrooms has been around since, well, the beginning of time.  Foraging, similar to when hunting game, can be a hobby for one individual and a necessity for another.  On the one hand, some foragers enjoy the thrill...

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