The Best Survival Gear of 2018

The Best Survival Gear of 2018

Well, another year has come and gone, and so it's time to look to look at the best survival gear of 2018.Look through this list and take note of what you already have (and what survival tools to buy...

30 Holiday Gift Ideas For Preppers, Campers & More

30 Holiday Gift Ideas For Preppers, Campers & More

If you've still got people to shop for, you'll love this list of holiday gift ideas for preppers, campers and more!It's a week until Christmas... and my hunch is you haven't bought all your gifts yet. And (besides the...

survival uses for pine cones

Survival Uses For Pine Cones

Turns out there are lots of survival uses for pine cones you may have never considered. And with this survival information you may be a lot better off when the SHTF! It's likely you'll end up in the wilderness...

trees for survival

6 Ideal Trees For Survival

Do you know the best trees for survival? Whether you're planning out your survival garden or preparing for a crisis, this is one thing that's very important to know.After all, not every tree is created equal. And if you...

natural pest control

This Fossilized Algae Provides Natural Pest Control

Want to know how to provide natural pest control You've come to the right place. Most of the time people use chemical pesticides to get this job done. However, they're toxic to humans, and they're becoming less and less...

survival uses for feathers

7 Survival Uses For Feathers

Did you know there are lots of survival uses for feathers? If not, you're about to! This week is Thanksgiving week, and all week we've had turkeys on the brain. We've been examining all the ways you can use...

survival uses for turkey

6 Survival Uses For Turkey

Did you know there's tons of survival uses for turkey? Most preppers have no idea about this. And so they eat the meat and throw away the carcass of the bird. However, this could spell disaster - especially considering...

survival uses for milk jugs

11 Insane Survival Uses For Milk Jugs

Most preppers have no idea that there are actually tons of survival uses for milk jugs. And this is a real shame, considering this survival tool can make surviving a crisis a heck of a lot easier. After reading...

natural toothache remedies

14 Natural Toothache Remedies For Survival

Need natural toothache remedies? You've come to the right spot. Most preppers have their food, water and survival tools all stocked up and ready to go. But while this is important, they often miss a crucial aspect of survival…...

survival uses for t-shirts

15 Survival Uses For T-Shirts

There are a surprising amount of survival uses for t-shirts. Unfortunately, most preppers don't know what these are. And this not knowing can be a real detriment when a crisis ensues. Thankfully, we've got a few ways to use...

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