Surviving an air crash image

Surviving An Air Crash

  Surviving an air crash is about the rarest thing after flying dinosaurs & fish with legs. Yet, it isn’t an impossible feat. It’s just that the paranoia that comes with discussing this puts most of us off. But...

Moving Into A New Home

Moving Into A New Home

  Moving into a new home was very destabilizing for me about two decades ago — it was my first time changing homes anyway. My finances were not very buoyant & the move was mandatory. I moved into my...

Best States To Be In When SHTF Image

Best States To Be In When SHTF

  Can you guess some of the best states to be in when SHTF? We’ve previously looked at the factors that determine if a state is ideal when things go south. They are:  Population Density; Land prices; Natural resources;...

First Steps to Take When SHTF Image

First Steps to Take When SHTF

  There are different procedures for evading catastrophes, but the first steps to take when SHTF to be discussed below remain the same regardless of the event.  A disaster can be so many scenarios, ranging from a storm ripping...

Spam as Survival Food Image

Spam as Survival Food

  The use of spam as survival food is laughed at in several quarters. I mean, having spam as a staple in the prepper’s pantry has always been a thing to laugh about.    Statements like “I’m completely ready...

Making a Kill Without a Firearm Image

Making a Kill Without a Firearm

  Making a kill without a firearm must appear difficult to most of us, but it shouldn’t be. After all, guns were invented not too long ago, and our pioneers had to eat animals before then. So, how did...

Peanut Butter as Survival Food Image

Peanut Butter as Survival Food

  Considering peanut butter as survival food must have crossed your mind on more than one occasion. After all, it's the inevitable purchase everyone makes when shopping. Like, is there anyone who hates peanut butter? Apart from allergic persons,...

How to store salt image

How to Store Salt 

  I’m not sure that “how to store salt” was anyone’s to-do list while growing up, not even now as preppers. I mean, we discuss so much food stockpiling that we neglect some of the specific ingredients that require...

Best DIY Toothache Remedies Image

Best DIY Toothache Remedies

  Knowing beforehand the best DIY toothache remedies will ensure that you can care for your toothache anywhere you go. In the wild or wherever, you don’t have to bother about your prescription medicines with the DIY remedies we’ll...

Renewable Ways to Grow Your Survival Foods Image

Renewable Ways to Grow Your Survival Foods

  Knowing the simple and renewable ways to grow your survival foods will solve some of the issues associated with long-term food storage in an SHTF scenario. Remember that storage is very pertinent in disasters, but what do we...

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