Monumental Bugout Locations Throughout History Image

Monumental Bugout Locations Throughout History

  Do you know any of the monumental bugout locations throughout history? I’m hoping you say no. I’m eager to be your history teacher with this article. Throughout history, bunkers have served their purpose during the war. They grew...

Tips For Survival Fishing Image

Tips For Survival Fishing

  Knowing the tips for survival fishing may be your only means of feeding on a night out in the wild when you’re without most provisions.  You may think, why fishing? Well, berries and fruits are not rich sources...

Protecting Your House From Fire Image

Protecting Your House From Fires

  Protecting your house from fire becomes a priority if you live in fire-prone states or regions. However, preparations against fire are not limited to houses in these states only. The National Fire Protection Agency reported that domestic fires in...

What Should I Carry In My Trauma Kit Image

What Should I carry in My Trauma Kit?

  What should I carry in my trauma kit is a phrase that hits my inbox often. It is also common in comment boxes across survival sites. Carrying the right tools in your trauma kit can be the difference...

Using the Legal System to Your Advantage Image

Using The Legal System To Your Advantage

  As preppers, using the legal system to your advantage has to be one of the greatest revenge you can have over the Government. Sounds pretty? Well, a little pettiness that you gain from isn’t a bad thing.  While...

How To Tie The Arbor Knot

  Knowing how to tie the arbor knot can save you a lot of difficulties and extra gear carrying in the wild.  A harbor knot is tied with cordage, which is as important as any other piece of gear...

How to Choose the Best State for Homesteading Image

What Is The Best State For Homesteading

  Providing answers to the question, ‘what is the best state for homesteading’ requires knowing the factors to consider when selecting a state to carry out your homesteading. A state with relaxed laws and plenty of natural resources is...

Surviving A Deserted Island Image

Surviving A Deserted Island II

   With no access to call for help, what comes next in your plan for surviving a deserted island? A lot. However, before proceeding, it may interest you to know that aircraft in flight are always monitored from the...

Surviving a Deserted Island Image

Surviving A Deserted Island

  Surviving a deserted island is not an impossible thing. In fact, it may be a very valuable experience for you to have.  What could lead to finding yourself in a desert? A plane crash, a storm attack on...

Surviving An Air Crash Image

Surviving An Air Crash II

  The preparations for surviving an air crash begin from the moment you book your flight to the end, however it turns out. The earliest steps include wearing the appropriate fabrics (wool & cotton) and keeping your seatbelt on...

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