how to conduct CPR image

How To Conduct CPR

  Knowing how to conduct CPR is perhaps the most important first-aid skill you can know. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can be the sole difference between life & death. Through rescue breaths & chest compressions, you can restart a heart that’s...

Rebuilding Your Home After a Catastrophe Image

Rebuilding Your Home After A Catastrophe

  Rebuilding your home after a catastrophe is a lengthy, tiring & expensive process. Therefore, you must make a lot of considerations to be sure that rebuilding is what you need. Often, following a very devastating disaster, most survivors...

Top 5 Medicinal Herbs for Your Bug-out Bag Image

Top 5 Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug-Out Bag

  Looking at the top 5 medicinal herbs for your bug-out bag is a reminder that nature has its good sides too. Yes, it's not always sending forth floods, hurricanes, and wildfires! Let's see the trees to optimize for...

How to Make Hardtack Image

How To Make Hardtack

  Knowing how to make hardtack is a plus for any prepper. The biscuit is considered the ultimate survivalist food, often lauded for its long-lasting lifespan, efficiency (in satisfying you), and the affordability of its preparation. As long as...

Trees To Grow As A Prepper Image

Trees To Grow As A Prepper

  A list of 5 trees to grow as a prepper is ironic, given that nature itself is the root cause of most catastrophes. At least, these trees are examples of Mother Nature’s benevolence. She doesn’t bring forth hurricanes...

Survival Uses for Aluminum Foil Image

Survival Uses of Aluminum Foil

  Settling for only 7 survival uses for aluminum foil out of the myriad of benefits available was tricky, but we ensured that we selected only the most pivotal uses.  Aluminum foil is a present staple in kitchens across...

Are MREs Safe When SHTF Image

Are MREs Safe When SHTF?

Are MREs Safe When SHTF?   The question “are MREs safe when SHTF?” have popped up recently across my reading lists, and I thought to address it briefly. MREs are fully called “Meal, Ready-to-Eat.” They were introduced in 1981...

Buying Guide for the Ideal Food Dehydrator Image

Buying Guide For The Ideal Food Dehydrator

  Reading through this buying guide for the ideal food dehydrator will help you know what to look out for when shopping for this extremely valuable tool for every prepper, but first… Why Are Dehydrators So Valuable?   Be...

How To Purify Water Using Chlorine Image

How To Purify Water Using Chlorine

  Knowing how to purify water using chlorine can be very valuable knowledge when short of options. Of course, the purifier is commonly used around us, but it may be surprising that only a few of us use it...

Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You Image

Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You

  Previously, we looked at three common foods in your stockpile that may poison you. While the choices may be surprising, you’d understand when you read through. Let’s look at other foods that you save in your pantry that...

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