Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight Image

Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight

Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight — Part II   Having previously looked at some military tactics to win a gunfight, let’s look at more.  As much as your weapon & ammo matter in a shootout, several other things...

Tactics to Win a Gunfight Image

Tactics to Win a Gunfight

  The police teach tactics to win a gunfight, which explains why it’s rare to see crude criminals overcome real-life shootouts. The military teaches these strategies too, but that’s by the way. Let’s go ahead. A gunfight is quite...

constitutional carry

Constitutional Carry And The 2nd Amendment

Within the United States borders, the use of the term constitutional carry references a right to permit-less carry or unrestricted carry.  The type of weapon referred to in terms is that of a handgun, whether carried openly or concealed,...

Shooting From A Girl's Perspective

Shooting From A Girl’s Perspective

Shooting from a Girl’s Perspective is an article about this day and age and showing that owning a gun is not just for men. I’m a conservative woman in 2020. A lot has changed over the years. Before owing my first...

best semi-automatic rifles

The 5 Best Semi-Automatic Rifles Overall

The determination of the best semi-automatic rifle commonly lies in the needs and the preference of the gun owner.  As such, each semi-automatic rifle will possess its own accessories and inherently unique features. The question now is, how does...

What You Need To Know About Purchasing Ammo Online

We live in a time when almost anything is available, including the purchasing of ammo online.  Whether the ammo is for a shotgun, a rifle, or a handgun, the selection available through online purchasing is almost unlimited. However, this...

Loaded or Unloaded: Which Way To Carry Concealed

Loaded or Unloaded: Which Way To Carry Concealed

Hey, don’t you think cricket would be safer if players left their bats in the dressing room until the ball was hurtling towards them? Same as baseball. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if fielders kept their gloves off until...

5 Handguns You Want to Own

5 Handguns You Want to Own

“Guns are the golden ornaments of this century.” The firearms trade has witnessed a remarkable growth in the last hundred years. Thousands of guns are now assembled monthly just to meet the constant needs of this gun-crazed generation.  So,...

5 Must Haves For Range Day

5 Must Haves For Range Day

The day you have waited for has finally arrived.  You have the opportunity to accompany a friend to the firing range to take in a day of shooting off some ammo.  However, your excitement turns to worry as you...

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