food independence

Survival Hacks For True Food Independence

Food independence is one of the most important things a prepper can have when SHTF. That's because when a crisis hits, it'll only take a few days for all the grocery store shelves to become completely empty. And at...

pepper spray

How Pepper Spray Can Spice Up Your Self-Defense

Pepper spray is one of the most effective self-defense tools around. Now, sure, it's not lethal. So it may not be as effective as a gun (or even a knife) at fully stopping someone in their tracks. However, when...

sharpen a knife

The Lazy Prepper’s Way To Sharpen A Knife

Most of us know that one of the most critical skills for survival or for day-to-day living is to know how to sharpen a knife. That's because using a dull knife isn't just inefficient - it's also extremely dangerous....

ways to keep cool

Unexpected Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Well, we're officially smack-dab in the middle of summer. Most people need only to step out their back door to realize how true that is. However, what isn't so obvious is how to keep cool in the sticky, hot...

The Miraculous Way To Regrow Vegetables

The Miraculous Way To Regrow Vegetables

I have just discovered an absolutely incredible way to regrow vegetables! Ever since I started eating healthy, I've been finding myself paying a heck of a lot more money on veggies than I used to. And this got me...


The DIY Sniper Project

I think we could all agree that the most important aspect of shooting is hitting your target. And, if we're getting technical, hitting the target dead-on, every single time. There's no better feeling than having the ability to put...

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