chapstick for survival

7+ Ways To Use Chapstick For Survival

There's a surprising number of survival uses for chapstick. And most of them have nothing to do with keeping your lips from getting rough. This little tube can really do wonders for you in a survival situation. And the...

snare traps

Survival Tips: Using Snare Traps For Hunting & SHTF

Using snare traps for hunting (and for SHTF) is one of the most important survival skills you can learn.  Snares primarily trap small and medium-sized game. And if you build them right they’ll trap the animal while you’re out...

DIY fabric softeners

7 All-Natural DIY Fabric Softeners

Many preppers are switching over to homemade laundry detergents. That’s because DIY detergents offer the same cleaning power without the chemicals, toxins and artificial scents that commercial brand ones have. And the good news is the same goes for...

prevent infection

Prevent Infection When SHTF With These DIY Solutions

If we expect to survive when SHTF, it's important to have the resources to prevent infection. Cuts and scrapes aren’t the only things that can lead to deadly infection. Any break in the skin can allow germs and pathogens...

5 Valentines Day Gifts for Preppers

5 Valentines Day Gifts for Preppers

Still needing Valentines Day gifts for preppers (and non-preppers) in your life? I've got some ideas to help you out. As preppers we’re famous for our ability to plan ahead, stockpile supplies and prepare for disaster. However, it’s uncanny...

5 Ingenious Survival Uses For Plastic Straws

5 Ingenious Survival Uses For Plastic Straws

Do you know the various survival uses for plastic straws? Most preppers don't! Most people have at least a few plastic straws roaming around their kitchen. And why not? They’re bendy, portable, and great for sipping on soda or...

survival uses for wood ash

11 Survival Uses For Wood Ash

Ever thought about the survival uses of wood ash? Most preppers don't! Many people have a fireplace in their home. And this is essential, considering it helps warm their home in the wintertime (and is quite convenient for making...

survival uses for extension cords

11 Survival Uses For Extension Cords

Many preppers don't think about all the various survival uses for extension cords. And that's a shame, considering these multi-use survival tools can really help you out in a crisis. The versatility of these cords extends far beyond just...

how to make fabric softener

How To Make Fabric Softener + Dryer Sheets

Want to learn how to make your own fabric softener? How about dryer sheets? Look no further than this blog. Who doesn’t love clothes that are soft and static-free? I would say nobody.  Unfortunately, these will be luxuries when...

DIY shampoo

DIY Shampoo Worth Stockpiling (3 Types!)

Need some DIY shampoo for your bug-out bag? Look no further. Most of us feel our best when our hair is fresh and clean. Unfortunately, this is going to be a real luxury when SHTF. First the grocery store...

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