socks for survival

21 Ways To Use Socks For Survival

We're betting you had no idea all the ways you can use socks for survival. Socks are everywhere - in the stores, in our laundry hampers, on our feet... and yet so often we don't recognize the astounding uses...

gum for survival

8 Crazy Ways To Use Gum For Survival

Most preppers have no idea that you can use gum for survival. The truth is chewing gum can actually help you out in a variety of ways when it comes to emergency situations.  And it can do a whole lot...

survival uses for vicks

8 Survival Uses for Vicks Vapor Rub

Unbeknownst to many preppers, there are lots of survival uses for Vicks Vapor Rub. And many of them have nothing to do with its typical uses (like soothing a cough).Vick's is made of soothing ingredients like peppermint, menthol and...

safety pins for survival

9 Ways to Use Safety Pins for Survival

Turns out there are lots of ways to use safety pins for survival. In fact, safety pins are by far one of the most underrated and underutilized survival tools out there. And that’s because most preppers don’t even think...

ways to start a fire

5+ Crazy Ways To Start A Fire

We all have ways to start a fire. For instance, you can use the old "rub some sticks together" technique. You can also use a lighter or matches to get that fire going.However, what you may not know is...

survival uses for velcro

7+ Amazing Survival Uses for Velcro

Did you know there are lots of survival uses for velcro? This nifty survival tool often flies under the radar when it comes to stockpiling survival supplies. However, it turns out this is an incredibly useful tool that can...

survival uses for steel wool

7 Survival Uses For Steel Wool

Did you know there are a bunch of survival uses for steel wool? It's true - and they just might save your life in an emergency.You likely have a few pieces of steel wool in your kitchen right now....

uses for tampons

9 SHTF-Worthy Uses For Tampons

This one may seem surprising, but turns out there are LOTS of survival uses for tampons. And you don't have to be a woman to take advantage of them. This “feminine product” may not seem like much on the...

zip ties for survival

10+ Incredible Ways To Use Zip Ties For Survival

Did you know there are tons of ways to use zip ties for survival? This incredibly versatile survival tool just may save your life one day!Many preppers use zip ties in their everyday life - especially for things like...

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