emergency food shortage image

Emergency Food Storage

People who stay in disaster-prone regions recognize the relevance of emergency food storage. Most states in America have their fair share of natural disasters. We could use California and its wildfires, for example. In other regions, it could be...

seeds for long term storage

Storing Seeds For Long Term

Whether you currently have a garden or want to prepare for the future, it is never too late to start gathering seeds for long term storage.  It is only logical that if there is a shortage of food at...

alternative uses of borax

17 Alternative Uses For Borax

Unlike most substances on the market today, the number of alternative uses for borax is almost unlimited.  It is so versatile that it is commonly listed as a must-have item in your panty for emergency situations and events.  Albeit,...

hand sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer Using Essential Oils

With the recent pandemic occupying nearly every headline each day, we are instructed continuously by medical personal to either wash our hands as frequently as possible or use a hand sanitizer often.  As one of the means of spreading...

Eight Essentials for an Emergency Go-Bag

Eight Essentials for an Emergency Go-Bag

Hurricane season has started earlier this year, and wildfire season is unfortunately just around the corner.  Summer is the perfect time to build out a go-bag of supplies in preparation for any emergency that may arise. It is never...



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