Biden’s Old Age And Declining Mental Fitness Major Issue As He Looks To 2nd Term

Amid indications that he will seek reelection, concerns about President Biden’s age and mental fitness have persisted, with some staffers pointing out his verbal blunders and the obvious hitch in his step, according to a new report.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that despite the fact that Biden’s aides praised his energy levels for a 79-year-old man, they remain concerned that he’ll “trip on a wire” due to the way he shuffles while walking and that he won’t make it through the entirety of his remarks without making a mistake.

According to the report, Biden, who is the oldest person to hold the office of commander in chief, is “testing the limits of age and the presidency.”

Ronald Reagan was a year older at the end of his second term than the president is now. If he is elected again, he will be 86 when his second term ends.

David Gergen, a Nixon-era presidential adviser, stated, “I do feel it’s inappropriate to seek that office after you’re 80 or in your 80s.”

Even just pointing out that he appears older than when he first took office in 2021 has some people wondering if the president can keep up the demanding pace for another six years. The president has stated that questions about his mental and physical fitness for office are fair game.

Despite the White House’s sensitivity to the subject of Biden’s age, current and former senior officials and advisers described him as intellectually engaged, grilling staff members in meetings, asking them about specifics in memos, and revising speeches right up until the moment he delivers them.

Despite falling off his bike last month, Biden regularly bikes and works out five days a week, which some experts believe makes him unusually fit for his age.

According to S. Jay Olshansky, a longevity expert at the University of Illinois Chicago who looked at the candidates’ ages in 2020, “right now, there’s no evidence that the age of Biden should matter one ounce.” “It’s okay if people disagree with his policies or what he says; they can choose another candidate to represent them in office. However, his age has nothing to do with it.

But when Biden reaches 86, that might not be the case.

Olshansky responded, “That’s the right question to be asking. “Aging cannot be sugarcoated. As we get older, things go wrong and the risks increase.

White House staffers deny making special accommodations for Biden, but according to the Times, they secretly work to keep his weekends in Delaware safe.

Tuesday marks the start of Biden’s four-day trip to the Middle East, which was originally planned to follow his recent trips to the NATO and G7 summits. According to the report, the trip was divided up out of concern that the president might be overextended.

Following a checkup in the fall of last year, Biden was deemed “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency” by the president’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

The president still has gastroesophageal reflux disease, according to O’Connor, and his age has resulted in a stiffer gait when he walks.

But according to the Times report, Biden occasionally gets distracted or has trouble remembering names when speaking in public.

He repeatedly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris,” despite having overcome a childhood stutter, and still has trouble speaking clearly.

This winter, a group of Republican lawmakers demanded that Biden take a cognitive test in a letter in which they cited several instances of what they called “mental decline” and surveys indicating that the public was skeptical of his mental fitness.

According to aides, Biden typically works a five-and-a-half-day work week but is available at any time, as reported by the Times.

However, his evening availability is constrained, and he has given fewer news conferences or interviews than some of his predecessors.

According to the Times, Biden has conducted 38 interviews, as opposed to 116 for Trump, 198 for Barack Obama, 71 for George W. Bush, and 75 for Bill Clinton.

In contrast to Trump’s 213 and Obama’s 64 questions after speeches or other events, Biden has accepted 290 of them.

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