AZ Man Shot In Head At Family Party Credits His Concealed-Carry For Saving Lives

An Arizona man who was shot in the head while attending a Fourth of July party with his family this summer is speaking out about how he used his concealed carry firearm to stop the shooter from killing more people.

On the evening of July 3, gunshots rang out at a home in Surprise, Arizona, where Mendez, his two daughters, and his seven-month pregnant wife were celebrating the founding of America with friends and other families. Mendez told Fox News Digital that about 30 people gathered in the home, including young children, to celebrate with fireworks and food.

According to Mendez, a neighbor of the man hosting the party soon joined and mingled with the group despite not being close friends with anyone there. According to the Arizona Republic, that neighbor was later identified by police as 46-year-old Jason Hunt, the sole suspect in the case who opened fire unprovoked on the families and partygoers.

Conrradito Ochoa Navarro, 41, and Carl Dinora, 38, Mendez’s friends, were killed in the incident. Four others were seriously injured, including Mendez.

While Hunt and other partygoers were eating in the kitchen, the suspect pulled out a gun and began firing on the crowd, sending everyone fleeing, according to Mendez.

Mendez was shot in the head in front of his wife, who ran to his side and thought he was dead because of the amount of blood on his face. She then took their two daughters and barricaded them and other children inside a room deeper in the house.

As Hunt reportedly continued his rampage, two other women began fighting back and screamed for Mendez, knowing he had a concealed carry weapon, according to Mendez.

He was able to draw his firearm and shoot the suspect in the chest four times.

Mendez was hospitalized for a week following the shooting and faces additional surgeries. He lost his left eye, broke his jaw, tore his eardrum, and lost his sense of smell.

Mendez is now speaking out about the Second Amendment and how law-abiding, armed Americans can help put an end to shootings before more lives are lost.

Mendez, a lifelong NRA member, recently filmed a video for the NRA celebrating the Second Amendment and criticizing the media for failing to cover his story.

In this case, no motive has been revealed. The police department in Surprise, Arizona, did not immediately respond to requests for updates on the case.

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