4 Things You MUST Know About Your Survival Water Filter

survival water filter

A survival water filter is one of the most important pieces of survival gear a prepper can have. This incredible device will transform dirty, nasty water into something that’s clean and safe for you to drink.

And we all know water is essential to life, since you can only survive for about 3 days without it. And boy…that’s a pretty miserable 3 days (if you can last that long).

However, it’s important to know that every survival water filter is different. Some you can make yourself, and some you can buy from a store or online. Some will just remove dirt and debris, while others actively remove bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants.

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Sizes and weights are also different across the board. For instance, some water filters are big and bulky, filtering water for a large group at once. Others are meant for the solo traveler, filtering just enough for one person to get their fill.

And, like everything else, each one has its own pros and cons.

There are so many water filters on the market, it’s hard to know which one is ideal for YOU and your situation. And, without knowing a bit about what to look for, shopping around can seem daunting at best, and downright overwhelming at worst.

However, despite the frustration, this is one survival tool you can NOT afford to skimp out on. No survival water filter = no clean, drinkable water. And that means you run a much higher risk of ingesting heavy metals, protozoa, and bacteria in the water around you.

In short, no survival water filter = death in an emergency situation.

When it comes to preparing for disaster, it’s crucial to know a bit about water filters so you can be confident you’re getting the right one. That’s why it’s important to be aware of these…

4 Things You MUST Know About Your Survival Water Filter

Cost Per Gallon

Many people choose to get a survival water filter purely based on price. However, although a survival water filter is cheap, that doesn’t make it a good deal.

For instance, if you calculate the number of gallons it can filter, you’ll often realize that the expensive water filters are a better deal for the long-term. That’s why it’s best to get one that’s affordable, and that will filter as many gallons as possible.

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# Of People

When considering a survival water filter, it’s important to think about how many people will be using it. Most people can get by on just about any reputable water filter in the short run. However, if you’ve got a family of 4+, this can be a real pain – especially if you’re using a small pump filter.

Oftentimes, people will opt for a giant water filter that filters enough water for the entire group (and then some). However, this often proves cumbersome if you’re on the move. Not only are many of these huge filters a major pain to lift, but they also are practically impossible to transport for long distances without the use of a vehicle.

As such, it’s often best to ensure each person has their own individual survival water filter. This ensures each member gets the amount of water they need for hydration, and there’s no unnecessary swapping of spit.

Filter Replacements Are Your Friend

Water filters are great, but that’s just step one. Even the best water filters will get full of the junk they’re filtering, and will need a new filter to keep going strong.

As such, it’s imperative to stock up now on extra filters. That way you can be confident knowing that, in either a short or long-term emergency situation, your hydration needs are met.

The Filter That Makes The Most Sense

When you consider all the factors, there’s one survival water filter that meets all the above requirements, and so much more. And it’s this one right here.

For one, it filters out a considerable amount of water (up to 1500 liters per person!). It also ensures each person in your group has safe, clean drinking water – and reduces the amount of replacement filters you need thanks to its cleaning kit.

Not to mention, the most important part – it cleans 99.999999% of bacteria and protozoa out of streams, lakes, and ponds. That’s right – you can just dip this filter into a body of water, and in seconds it’ll transform that murky, bacteria-filled water into water that’s pure, clean, and safe to drink.

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