5 Survival Uses For Turkey Parts

Today we’re going to learn about a bunch of different survival uses for turkey parts.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This is one of the best holidays to celebrate – probably because it gives Americans yet another excuse to gorge ourselves excessively on turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing while watching football and spending time with family. Glorious.

However, one of the biggest regrets I have about this holiday (besides stuffing myself and needing a bigger belt) is all those time I threw away the leftover turkey meat and the carcass. I know, forgive me. I was young and naive.

Truth is the turkey has a ton of survival uses that you probably wouldn’t expect. Obviously, you can use the leftover turkey to make sandwiches (aka “the moist maker,” if you’re a Friends fan), and you can freeze the rest of the food for your stockpile. That’s easy and delicious.

Other than that, most people just use the carcass for turkey broth, and think that’s all there is. However, this isn’t the only use for the bones and other parts – not even close.

There’s a lot more to a turkey than just what it can provide for sustenance. And you’ll find out how you can use this dead bird to your advantage once you read about all these…

5 Survival Uses For Turkey Parts

1 – Use Turkeys To Hunt

Pluck the large feathers from the turkey, and use them as fletching for your arrow. These feathers look beautiful, and help the arrow get to its destination quickly and accurately. Match feathers from the right wings and tails together, as well as those of the left side.

2 – Hold Things Together 

Here’s a cool survival use – you can use either fresh or dried turkey skin in order to make glue.

First, remove all the feathers, and then place them in a pot full of water. Simmer at 150°F for a few hours, and then strain out the pieces of skin, keeping the liquid (don’t toss it out accidentally!).

Continue simmering, and reduce the water down (so lid of the pot off) until the liquid looks thick, like syrup. At this point, the glue is ready to use. Utilize it immediately, or let it dry and then cut it into pieces to use later.

3 – Keep Things Tied Down

Remove the raw tendons from the bird, and dry them in open air for about seven days. Then pound them with a heavy object (like a rock or hammer) in order to separate the fibers. These small sinuous fibers are surprisingly strong, and are excellent for tying things together. You can also use them to tie feathers onto your arrows.

4 – Use A Turkey To Catch A Turkey

You read that right. By using parts of the carcass, you can fashion yourself a turkey call to attract and kill more turkeys. It’s a win-win! Use hollow wing bones to make it.

Once the call is ready, put your lips together and make a kissing sound while breathing in. This convincing “yelp” sounding through the hollow bone will encourage turkeys to come over and fall prey to your cunning skills.

Here’s a video to explain more about the process:

5 – Use A Turkey To Catch A Fish

You won’t be making a turkey call for this one. Instead, remove the guts from the turkey, and use them as chum or fish bait to attract your next meal. Turkeys truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

There are a whole lot more survival uses for turkeys, but these will give you a good start. Remember, the more you Prepare Now, the more likely you’ll Survive Later! Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!