Why ATF Form 4473 Is So Bad

Want to know the truth about Form 4473? Keep reading.

Gun control is still a hot topic of discussion; however, I think what we can all agree on is that lawmakers are going about it all wrong.

Over and over again, we see new laws and policies being implemented that infringe upon gun owners’ rights. And one of the most dangerous (yet surprisingly subtle) ways this is being done is through Form 4473.

The ATF, the governing body that regulates the sale and possession of firearms, is revamping the NICS background check form (otherwise known as Form 4473).

Anyone who’s bought a firearm from a gun shop in the last few years has dealt with this form. And those planning on purchasing a firearm at a shop or gun show in the future will have to fill it out as well. It’s an incredibly common document, and yet many gun owners don’t realize just how seriously this form strips away at their 2nd amendment rights.

And, if left-leaning liberals who have a penchant for trying to strip us of our 2nd amendment rights love Form 4473, you deserve to know why.

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Ignorance may be bliss, but I bet you’re going to be outraged once you learn the truth about…

Why ATF Form 4473 Is So Bad

Gun shops and shows may require you to fill out Form 4473 in order to purchase a firearm, but that doesn’t mean the form helps you in any way. In fact, there’s actually a multitude of problems that make this form a bad idea for gun owners to fill out.

The Form’s Current Problems

When you fill out Form 4473, all of your personal information – whether it’s relevant or not – goes into a national database. So any fed can instantly tie you to all of the weapons you’ve bought.

This is an issue for numerous reasons. For one, until you fill out another form transferring this firearm to another party, the government knows exactly what firearms you have at all times. Knowing this, they know exactly what weapons they can take back (theoretically) should the need/event arise.

Second, because your name and identifying information are now attached to those firearms in the feds’ database, you can be held liable for a crime you didn’t even commit, so long as your firearm is involved in the crime.

This is incredibly unfair, and reveals a major flaw in the system.

Here’s an example from The Truth About Guns about how this injustice can occur at any time:

A while back I sold a GLOCK 19 to one of our writers. The gun was stolen from her apartment.

And then I got a call . . .

A bad guy used the gun in a crime.

In California, The Golden State detective wanted to know if I was the original purchaser of the firearm. Yes, yes I was. So what? So if I lived in a state with a “safe storage” law I’d be looking at the loss of my gun rights. As would the writer, who was the victim of a crime.

More to the point, the incident drove home the fact that my “harmless” 4473 was a form of gun registration that enabled federal interference in my life — despite the fact that I’d purchased and sold the gun legally. It made me wish that I’d bought all my guns privately, “off the grid.” Or (legally) home-brewed a few.

The Problems With the Form’s Proposed “Enhancements”

What’s even worse is how the ATF is proposing they “improve” the existing form. They want to make changes to it, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions (and a whole group of lawmakers) chose to try to appease gun-grabbers by investigating ways they can “tighten up” the form and keep bad people from purchasing guns.

However, the only thing “tightening up” the form will do is keep adding more government eyes on all of us good gun owners.

And if you don’t think Form 4473 is getting out of hand, just wait until you hear this…

In December of 2017, police in Hawaii sent a notification to everyone on the island, ordering all legal gun owners who carried legal medical marijuana cards to turn in their guns immediately.

Regardless of what your stance is on medical marijuana, it’s glaringly obvious that the bigger problem here is how easily law enforcement can find gun owners and take away their only weapons of defense. And it’s all because these unsuspecting Hawaiians filled out Form 4473.

Ways To Get Around Form 4473

The hard truth is that there is nothing good about Form 4473. It infringes upon Americans’ second amendment rights and omits any possibility of privacy. Not to mention, it leaves the gun owner completely vulnerable to having their guns taken away and being convicted of a crime they didn’t commit.

However, there is a way to get around it.

The simplest way to learn how to obtain off-the-book guns (and not just 3D-printed ones and 80% lowers, either) is to obtain your own Free Firearms Survival Guide.

The importance of this guide has never been more pertinent. After all, anti-gunners in the Supreme Court are progressing toward instilling more and more extensive gun bans and confiscations every single day.

The scary thing is, they’ve already been very successful at banning guns right here in our home states. For instance:

  • Connecticut now bans civilians from having AR-15s.
  • Hawaii now bans the manufacturing of semi-automatic guns.
  • California now bans assault rifles.
  • Maryland now bans some semis (and are working toward banning more).

And this is just the beginning. As more firearm bans are put in place (or when martial law occurs) your guns WILL be in danger of being taken. It happened during Hurricane Irma, and it will happen again should civil unrest occur.

The easiest way to protect your guns (as well as your rights) is to start reading this Free Firearms Survival Guide.

This incredible guide is a HUGELY important resource for gun owners.  Not only does it give you the information you need to protect your firearms from crooks and thieves, but it also provides the tools you need to get around potential government bans. Not to mention, it teaches you how to make it so you never run out of ammo. Ever.

Inside this guide you’ll discover:

  • Ingenious Ways To Obtain Firearms…Off The Books. These legal guns require ZERO registration or regulation, and they don’t leave behind a paper trail. And most importantly, they protect your basic 2nd amendment rights to carry a firearm that CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU.
  • How To Gain Total Ammo Independence. No matter what ammo shortages our country faces in the future, yu will always have ammunition.
  • The Secret Loophole That Allows You To Buy And Sell “Unregistered” Firearms. Gun-grabbers are furious about this loophole and are desperate to keep it secret. So, of course, you’ll learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • 21 Brilliant Locations To Stash Your Guns Where Even The Best ATF Agents Can’t Find Them. In addition, the guide also covers six places to NEVER hide your firearms (unless you want them taken away from you).

The fact is, NO good gun owner should ever have to fill out Form 4473 if they don’t have to. This Free Firearms Survival Guide will teach you how to get around it, and will help you keep your firearms off the books for good.

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  1. Any illegal use of a gun should be the fault of it’s owner if the gun was not kept secure from children or anyone not a friend of the owner, and an honest gun owner himself. Guns are not criminals, the criminals are those who use guns to commit criminal acts.

  2. It is common knowledge , that Pelosci, Feinstein, and certain vice-president under obama has guns, and personnal protection by the Secret Service. I , therefore , suggest , that these people should be investigated for any and all “illegal guns, gun storage , and all pertinent paperwork be in order”. If , ONE of these people are actually arrested violating “Their own gun laws” , they MUST be held accountable. Then , let us see if these laws are changed.

  3. Not what I think but a question can we go after them with lawyers and reverse this process or are we just screwed with it?

  4. There’s a very BIG Difference between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana. The difference being that Medical Marijuana has the intoxicating Chemical THC removed and it comes in pill form. So what needs to happen is for Medical Marijuana to be renamed so it can be decriminalized so those who have a medical use for medical Marijuana can once again purchase and possess firearms.

    We don’t need another legalize substance out and about. We already have alcohol which we don’t need why add to that by legalizing another intoxicating substance?

  5. I realize this is all about selling a book but the constitution allows for the Federal government to place regulations on constitutional rights. Why they can set age limits and make screaming falsely “FIRE” in a public place a crime.

    If you don’t want your firearms banned or more gun control regulations then get off your asses and vote for politicians who want do either. It’s that simple. The people in Colorado voted in 2 anti-gun politicians knowing they were anti-gun yet because both politicians were for the legalization of pot they voted for them anyway. Priorities people. You want your guns or you want another intoxicating substance legalized? The choice is yours. You most likely will never be able to have both.

    We’re a nation of laws and need laws. Vote for the politicians who will put your 2nd amendment first and your pleasure 2nd not the other way around. It’s that simple so stop whining already. You sound like Leftest.

  6. The government and gun grabbers don’t realize, that, when they come to take the guns, they’ll definitely be getting the bullets instead.

  7. It is a lie the 4473 stays at the gun shop. The only thing the NICS wants to know is if it is a long gun or a hand gun. If a gun is recovered at a crime scene the atf can then do a trace, this goes first to the maker then to the distributor and then to the shop that sold it where the record is kept, but they don’t have the serial # of all the guns you bought. They also don’t know if the sale was completed. The only answers you get when a purchase is run is proceed, Denied or Delayed based on the info you give on the 4473.

  8. This article is a complete misrepresentation of facts. It’s true that the GCA of 1968 Is a complete waste of time and money. The information in this form is available to the IRS from anyone that has ever filed a tax return. It’s available to any state Government from anyone that holds a driver license. All of the information except the gun information is public record. It can be obtained from a number of sources. As far as gun bans and confiscation goes, the burden to get rid of or surrender firearms would fall on us. Just like in England and Australia we would have the prescribed period of time to surrender them, after that if you get cought with it you get prosacuted. Possession and use of Marijuana is still against Federal law. You legally cannot possess a firearm or ammunition if you use it. That’s the way it’s been sence 1968. Being a life long gun owner I’ve never seen a gun law that was worth the paper it’s written on. Unfortunately they are the law. WE THE PEOPLE need to vote Americans into office that will change this situation. That means get off your fat ass and vote or run for office ourselves. Crying about it won’t change it. Publishing bullshit articles like this just to sell books aren’t the way. This article is full of complete misrepresentation of the facts. If you’re wise ignore it

  9. Hawaii has required the registration of all weapons ever since the Liberal Democrats took over after WW II. You did not have to have a permit to buy or own but were required to take to the police station to register. Of course many did not comply. The police already had a file. And in Hawaii, City, County and State Police are one and the same: HPD.

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