14 Unbelievable Native American Healing Remedies

We’re so advanced in technology and medicine nowadays that many preppers don’t even consider using Native American healing remedies anymore.

And why would we? I mean, with 2017’s advancements in health and medical information, we can simply get the medicinal pills and tablets we need forever, right?


The fact is in a SHTF situation you’re going to have limited (if not zero) access to doctors and pharmacies. Which means that, in large part, you’re going to run out of pills and will most likely have to look to nature’s remedies to help with your ailments.

Luckily, there’s a surprising amount of Native American healing remedies that lots of people have forgotten about. And these remedies could seriously save your life in a crisis.

I want you to be as prepared as possible for what’s up ahead. That’s why I want to teach you about these…

14 Unbelievable Native American Healing Remedies
1 – Rosemary

native american healing

When used in food or boiled in tea, this delicious herb can help increase metabolism, improve circulation and decrease muscle pain.

2 – Rose Hips

native american healing

Rose hips are not only chock-full of vitamin C, but can also help treat coughs and colds, and can be used to decrease infection and inflammation. Eat them whole, add them to your favorite meal, or crush them up and make a tea out of them to reap the health benefits.

3 – Alfalfa

native american healing

Alfalfa is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits! This plant can improve your immune system, help treat arthritis, strengthen bones, improve digestion, treat bladder/kidney conditions, and assist in blood clotting.

4 – Fennel

native american healing

This licorice flavored plant has a multitude of health benefits. When chewed or boiled in a tea, it can relieve diarrhea, treat colds, help digestion, relieve coughs and sore throat, and provide headache relief.

5 – Chokecherry

native american healing

Chokecherries have a plethora of health benefits for survival. When pitted, crushed, and dried this fruit can help treat nausea, diarrhea, colds, flu, and inflammation. It can even be used as a poultice to treat burns. However, chokecherry pits can be poisonous in large doses. Make sure to always pit the cherries before consuming.

6 – Valerian

native american healing

This incredible root will not only help you calm down, but will also relieve muscle aches and pains. Boil it in a tea for maximum benefits.

7 – Hops

native american healing

Hops aren’t just great for brewing beer – they’ve also got a ton of great health benefits! When brewed in a tea, hops can help treat digestion issues, and can also ease toothaches and sore throats. It can even be combined with aloe to soothe aching muscles.

8 – Red Clover

native american healing

When made into tea or topped on your favorite dish, red clover will not only help decrease inflammation, but will also treat respiratory conditions and improve circulation.

9 – Feverfew

native american healing

Feverfew can not only help ease digestive issues and muscle/joint pain, but it’s also used to reduce fever, headaches and migraines.

10 – White Pine

native american healing

White pine isn’t just known for it’s beauty; it’s also known for its ability to treat chest congestion, as well as respiratory distress.

11 – Feverwort

native american healing

Feverwort is one of the most versatile North American healing remedies, as it can be boiled into a tea, eaten raw, or crushed into a poultice/salve. This plant is great for decreasing fever, easing itching, and lessening joint pain/stiffness.

12 – Passion Flower

native american healing

Passion flower is incredibly unique, as it helps calm anxiety (a godsend in a crisis). This amazing plant can also be crushed to make a poultice for treating insect bites, burns, and boils.

13 – Buckwheat

native american healing

Buckwheat’s seeds are excellent for lowering blood pressure, as well as assisting with blood clotting and lessening symptoms of diarrhea.

14 – Bee Pollen

native american healing

This powder is essential for enhancing the immune system, easing digestion, and boosting your energy. Mix the powder with food for maximum results.

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